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Apr 12-18

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Hello May! 

Seems like we were just celebrating Easter. Man how time flies. Quick little update more to come in the next few days. 

Monday we traveled to Winston Salem to meet with Dr. Lari Young who worked with Joe during his health battle and the appointment and talks  were very positive. She has started me on a biotanical supplement called Protectival. Long story short it is able to identify healthy cells from cancer cells and only destroying cancer cells leaving the healthy cells alone! It was developed by a team from Israel and the research is quite amazing. Tried to include link but it’s not working. It’s been used at MD Anderson other hospitals so I’m very optimistic we will see some good results. We also have started on some other liquid vitamins and minerals to help my body recover from all the destruction chemo and radiation.The goal with her is to build my body back up since I’ve lost so much nutrition and good healthy cells. I feel very confident in her as she has worked with other cancer patients and she understands my hesitation with holistic treatment so we are starting very simple and slow.

By Wednesday afternoon though fistula leakage began to really pick up and pain from being so tender and raw became unbearable so I was brought in on Thursday to the clinic where the decision was made to place me on TPN. The goal is slow the bowel and give it a chance to heal by bypassing the small and large intestine and not allowing food to pass. This means no eating or drinking for possibly up to 4 weeks. Yikes! Instead I will be feed intravenously through a vein and receive nutrients that way. Hopefully with no stool passing through the fistula it will give it a chance to start healing and get to a state where it is manageable again.

Also my radiology team was able to internalize my nephrostomy tube yesterday so no more lugging around a bag of pee! Small victories all around yesterday! 

I’m resting comfortably thanks to my good friend Dilaudid and will get to go home as soon as they see the TPN is working with zero issues. Busy day today lots of doctors coming in to talk and hopefully chemo later if they say it’s okay which fingers crossed they do. Lots of positive thinking friends! 


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