Loving all of this good news!! Good luck with surgery!! Can’t wait to see you on the other side...leaving Harold and his nastiness behind you!!
Annette M Nicolini | Sep 30, 2019
Prayers, I know God will provide strength through this!!
Alyssa | Mar 26, 2019
Praying for you Meghan!! My mom had the same cancer!! You are a strong beautiful women!! Beat harold!!
Tabatha Hoak | Mar 26, 2019
Get better soon Meghan. This is from Nicole Linnett's dad and stepmother.
Robert & Clara Linnett | Mar 14, 2019
Hang in there, Meghan! We pray that Harold shrinks with every treatment you take. Peace and love to you and your family.
Peggy and Kent Oehm | Mar 9, 2019
shahab razavi | Mar 6, 2019
Stay strong Meghan! Kick Harold’s butt to the curb!
Matt Cummings & Nicole Linnett | Mar 2, 2019
You will beat this!!! Lov, The Hollands
Love You, Praying! | Feb 26, 2019
So sorry you have met 'Harold' at such a young age. You are beautiful and I know you will fight this. God will see you through.
Warmly, Allison | Feb 25, 2019
Prayers for you to beat this.
THERESA C | Feb 25, 2019