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Site created on February 23, 2019

My beautiful daughter is 30 years old and she has colorectal cancer. She loves life, her family, her boyfriend, her job! She works out, pays her taxes, is kind to animals, and works very hard just as she was taught. These were some of the words that she tearfully said to me when she realized that she was indeed very ill and she was coming to the realization that she might possibly have cancer. What do you say to this wonderful lady that you so lovingly reared to love God and believe in what is good and right? Everything is not alright. Our world has gone very wrong!
This Caringbridge site will be penned by Meghan and me, her mama, Debbie. Our journey in the story of this horrid nightmare is just beginning. 
On February 15, 2019 Meghan was scheduled for a colonoscopy. This procedure was finally happening after about six weeks since the consultation with a GI. Being 30 years old, I'm not really sure that her symptoms were taken seriously by this specialist. The laborious pain grew and mounted within her, but she so hopefully and bravely yearned for this procedure to end the waiting and the pain with an answer that might give a glimmer of hope that everything would be okay after this grueling task was completed. Instead, the colonoscopy was aborted quickly as a tumor was blocking the scope's entry just beyond the rectum. She was met by medical staff with concerned faces relaying news that her brain processed, but that her heart could not fathom. Four days later, the words were spoken, CANCER. And she voiced the words, 'I'm 30 and I have cancer.' 
We are ready for the fight. That tumor has been dubbed 'Harold' and he is NOT welcome. Be gone, Harold!!!!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Meghan McGinnis

It’s official. I am giving up cancer for lent. It’s going to happen. I have less than 40 days so I better get started.

We traveled to Duke today, leaving bright and early me and Brittany hit the road and met mom around 9:30 to get the day started. I got to lay eyes on Harold’s spawn today and man it was one ugly sight. Unfortunately it had progressed to a tumor 4cm x 4cm and pressing on my kidney which in turn is causing it not to work properly and why the lymphedema and other swelling we thought we had tackled 3 weeks ago have come back. Also we took me off the Xeloda pill and have switched me back to the takehome pump   chemo that I will have for 40 hours to see how I tolerate the liquid chemo. Nausea and zero appetite were not what my doctor wanted to hear so he thinks this will be much easier on me. He also remains confident thought we can get ahead of this and be able to maintain a somewhat healthy life!

Short and quick update but after a 11 hour day the bed is calling ❤️
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