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One Place to do it All

Your free CaringBridge website or Mobile App has all the tools you need to keep your family and friends updated during a difficult time. Because we’re a nonprofit, we put your needs first.

Share news and updates with everyone at the same time
Communicate in a private, ad-free place
Activate your community and coordinate help
Receive emotional strength and support

Save Time and Reduce Stress

A health crisis throws everything into chaos. Because your family and friends care, questions and phone calls won’t stop and stuff begins to pile up.

Your personal CaringBridge website gives you one centralized, private place to share health updates and request help.

How To Create A Site

1. Get Started

It’s easy to start a personalized, advertisement-free site. You can create a website for yourself or someone else in less than 5 minutes.

2. Personalize It

Give your CaringBridge website a name, add a main site photo and select a cover photo.

3. Post an Update

Tell people what’s happening with a quick update or longer Journal entry. Your site is all about your illness or injury and what you need to say and hear.

4. Get Support

Write a message explaining ways family and friends can best help you—because they want to help you. You can even link your CaringBridge website to a personal fundraiser or other helpful tools.

5. Share It

Invite people to visit or share a link on other social media sites.

Start a Site

private | safe | secure

Features of Every CaringBridge Website

Home Page

See all your information in one place

A CaringBridge website provides all the information your family and friends need so they can give you all the support you need. See your story unfold as you post Journal entries and your site visitors respond with words of encouragement. Your home page incorporates a feed of Well Wishes and Journal comments, drawing your whole community closer in exchanging meaningful thoughts.

Your Story

A brief message welcomes new visitors

Introduce family and friends to your story with a brief background of what led to starting your CaringBridge website. You can summarize the diagnosis and make sure everyone gets the same information. It’s an easy place for new visitors to start.


Keep everyone up-to-date with journal entries

CaringBridge is an easy place to update all your family and friends, making your health journey just a little bit easier for you. Use the Journal as an outlet to inform visitors of a diagnosis and share updates during treatment and recovery. You can also mark milestones and share photos or videos in your Journal. Your family and friends can respond directly to each update with comments and messages of encouragement.

Well Wishes

It’s amazing what the power of words can do

Your family and friends can leave you Well Wish messages, offering words of encouragement and stories, memories, photos and videos of their own or one of our beautiful CarePost™ graphic images. These uplifting messages of love and hope give strength.


Automatic Updates

Everyone is notified at the same time

You post a new update on CaringBridge and everyone who follows your site is immediately informed with an email or text message. Each person can customize their notification preferences.

Tribute Donations

Our nonprofit service is donor-supported

People like you make CaringBridge possible. When you donate in honor of your loved one, your Tribute donation means that CaringBridge is always available, free of charge and designed to make each health journey easier. Every dollar donated to CaringBridge connects 5 people who become stronger together.

Ways to Help

Activate your community of support

Your family and friends want to know how they can help. This is your place to tell them. Let them know your needs, when you want visitors, hospital or facility information and how to contact you. Link your CaringBridge website with your favorite tools, like a personal fundraiser or calendar. Let CaringBridge serve as the hub of help during a difficult and hectic time.

Personal Fundraising

Set up personal fundraising support

A health crisis can create a financial burden. You can create a personal fundraiser with GoFundMe so your friends can easily find and participate in your campaign. Your visitors will see this on your Ways to Help page.

Control and Privacy

We give you control and privacy options

We provide a safe, protected, ad-free space to communicate during a health journey. Your personal data is never sold. You can customize your privacy settings to control access and see who’s visiting and following your site. It’s up to you if you want to have your site searchable on the web by search engines like Google. See our commitment to privacy.


Add photos with a tap

Your CaringBridge website is all about you and your story. Select the cover photo that you like best, give your site a title and personalize with photos. You can switch the main site and cover photos any time.

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A Place Just for Us

CaringBridge helped our family and friends provide much-needed support, and the added benefit is that it’s a great tool to keep a medical journal. And it’s all in one place, without any of the noise that comes with other social networks—and without any of the ads or security concerns, too. It is a place just for us, and families like ours.

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