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Oct 25-31

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Sweet friends and family, 
Meghan is safely in Jesus' arms tonight,  whole and without pain or tubes coming from her body. She passed away peacefully this evening about 7:00 at Elizabeth House. 
It's such a relief to know that she can feast on the foods she craves, dance and sing with her Aunt Lori, and love on her grandparents as they all reunite with Meggieloo!  Oh, the reunion and party that is happening in that golden city! 
Arrangements will follow to celebrate her life at a later date. We all hate these Covid times, so creative brainstorming will persue tomorrow.
Saddened, but so happy that we don't have to watch our little girl suffer any more! Thank you for all of the prayers, cards, gifts, and well wishes these past two years  given our family on this tumultuous journey. It was easier with you all by our side. We are humbled ❣️
She was such a gift and blessing in our lives! Rarely a dull moment with our Meghan. We look forward to hearing stories you have to share with us.
We truly will live and remember her in every breath by a quote from the  great Dr. Suess. "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."

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