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Aug 09-15

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I finally was released this past Wednesday and after one night in Durham to make sure all was okay and a visit from friends complete with spaghetti and dessert it was time to head to moms. The doctors said since I was making excellent progress and was off IV medicine they were comfortable with discharge. 103 days since I had seen my mother and boy if I could have hugged her I would have. Just being near her though was all I needed to get me outta bed and moving down the stairs to the car!

The days after surgery were some what eventful but for the most part your typical recovery. We did have one scare as they called it, I wasn’t worried, due to the epidural medicine my blood pressure kept dropping into the 80s and so it was decided to switch my liquid medicine to a different to get my pressure up. BIG MISTAKE immediately my body began to feel foggy and lost feeling in fibers and toes to the point where they decided to stop medicine until pain team could be reached. Worst 30 minutes of my life. The pain got to be unbearable and sadly until they couldn’t administer anything til they received an answer from the pain team. It was to the point I begged them to turn the machine back on so at least I’d have some relief even if I was sick from it. Finally they received an answer and as fast as lightning my nurse ran out the room and was back in 2 seconds turned the epidural medicine off and immediately injected 2mg of dilauded into my port. I’d never seen anyone move so fast administering medicine. My body immediately relaxed and I began to calm down from pain and from tears. Once we got me back on the the right epidural medicine and right dose my blood pressure started leveling out and remained steady. 

The last few days were spent working with PT making sure I could get up and making sure I was walking daily. Which lol was a task all on its own but I grew to like the walks in the end as I got to know my nurses and see what actually goes on during the day in the oncology unit. 

Since I’ve been at moms the main focus has been fattening me up and had so far included Apollo Flame, El Rebozo and French toast for breakfast. I spend most of my day sitting and resting in the daybed on the screened in porch listening to the birds and watching the squirrels. When you’ve stared at nothing but a tv and concrete walls for 30 days this is a welcomed view. 

Thank you thank you thank you! I can’t express my gratitude for everything you all have done these past months. If you would like to come and visit please reach out to mom or myself as we have designated a few days for visitors to safely visit and maintain social distancing protocol. 


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