Thinking of and praying for you.
Anonymous | Sep 9, 2019
Padre, Mary our Mother of Hope remains at your side. Fr. Dave
Fr. Dave | Aug 24, 2019
Fr Phillip, Jesus love you my brother. Keep the Faith. God has greater work for you to do. You are a miracle and God is going to use to win souls to Jesus Christ.
Chaplain Clarence Sinkler | Aug 23, 2019
Father Phil, God is Great! Will continue praying for you.
Tom & Mary Maher | Aug 22, 2019
Answered prayers... thank you so much for the good news & will continue to pray for continued healing & strength God is good!!!! Slainte
Colleen OLeary | Aug 21, 2019
PATRICIA SMITH | Aug 13, 2019
Hi Father Tighe, So good to hear the news!! I am happy for you and I will keep on keeping on with praying that our Great Lord hears our prayers for your complete recovery. May Mary and all the saints intercede for you now and forevermore. JohnA
John Aurelio | Jul 13, 2019
Thanks be to God for prayers answered.
Tina Dawson | Jul 11, 2019
What a welcome wonderful report from the doctors. God is so good and I among so many am extremely grateful for the good news. My prayers for you continue, most dear Fr. Tighe.
Cecelia - Divine Mercy Radio | Jul 11, 2019
Our Continued prayers for Father’s recovery.
Karen and John Bianchino | Jun 23, 2019