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Jul 12-18

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Dearest Friends!

Happy Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and  Blood of Christ!  Congratulations to all those who received First Holy Communion this weekend, especially Ethan, John and the children of other dear families.

The June 2nd scans came back with news that there was no growth and no shrinkage among the tumors.  The tumors are stable as chemo treatment continues.  Praise God with special thanks to Our Lady, Fr. Price, and to so many who faithfully assist with prayerful support.  As my spiritual director reminds me, stable is a step towards cured.  This is what the divine physician desires to give in this life now or in the next eternally!

Congratulations to our new ordinands, Transitional Deacons Steven diMassimo and Tyler Sparrow and Father Jairo Maldonado Pacheco and Father Matthew Nwafor. I am so proud of them and so grateful for all your support of Vocations.  I invite you to visit and support this important Apostolate at:

As we lift our heads from quarantine, let us focus our eyes on the Eucharist, shake off the habits that have crept into our lives and allow our spiritual hunger of 4 months, to be fulfilled only by the food of everlasting life!  

Father Tighe

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