Journal entry by Father Tighe

Dear friends,

I hope this note finds you well. Recently I had scans as the three month schedule dictated. At first glance it looks like great information, but after a discussion with my oncologist, Dr Hope Uronus, we decided not to continue with the chemo therapy. A new side effect of my treatment had produced aspirations, which will be addressed with a stent on Monday. Also, recognizing that the old pain control medicine had become ineffective, she ordered hospice care at my residence starting next week,  

My family will begin rotating as caregivers and gatekeepers. Thank you for your continued and faithful prayers as I enter this new phase of the disease.  Many people have access to my cell phone and email account and I realize there is a temptation to want to go around this caring bridge post, but, I kindly ask you to refrain.  I will read your caringBridge responses as a book on caring bridge and draw strength from your love, prayers and your faithful examples.  
Here is a candid photo from the end of JULY when my siblings, cousins and I enjoyed a great wind at our back and Jesus’ peaceful words DO NOT  BE AFRAID !  I am with you always!

I love you,

Fr. Tighe

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Journal entry by Father Tighe

Hello Dearest Friends,  

I pray that this note finds you all well, safe from the virus and striving eagerly to return to the sacraments, the source and summit of Catholic life.

I don’t have a lot to report since the June update. My next chemo treatment is July 24. I guess no news and no change is good news and I am confident that this outcome is the direct result of your cherished prayers.

Please pray for our seminarians. This is the busiest time of the year for them. I would be grateful if you pray for us while on retreat July 27 through July 30 and for those who will receive candidacy at the evening mass on July 30th at St. Michaels.  

Keep the Faith, be a beacon of Hope and Love authentically.  

With Love in Christ, 

Father Tighe

Journal entry by Father Tighe

Dearest Friends!

Happy Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and  Blood of Christ!  Congratulations to all those who received First Holy Communion this weekend, especially Ethan, John and the children of other dear families.

The June 2nd scans came back with news that there was no growth and no shrinkage among the tumors.  The tumors are stable as chemo treatment continues.  Praise God with special thanks to Our Lady, Fr. Price, and to so many who faithfully assist with prayerful support.  As my spiritual director reminds me, stable is a step towards cured.  This is what the divine physician desires to give in this life now or in the next eternally!

Congratulations to our new ordinands, Transitional Deacons Steven diMassimo and Tyler Sparrow and Father Jairo Maldonado Pacheco and Father Matthew Nwafor. I am so proud of them and so grateful for all your support of Vocations.  I invite you to visit and support this important Apostolate at:

As we lift our heads from quarantine, let us focus our eyes on the Eucharist, shake off the habits that have crept into our lives and allow our spiritual hunger of 4 months, to be fulfilled only by the food of everlasting life!  

Father Tighe

Journal entry by Father Tighe

Dearest Friends, 

I hope you are all well and being smart about protecting your health.  While I am sure that the quarantine has been difficult for everyone because it is not our nature to isolate, I do hope that it has given each a renewed love for living the reflective life.  

Yesterday, we celebrated the birth of Pope St. John Paul, II.  He truly inspired my vocation to follow God’s call to be a Priest. Please pray for vocations!

Health-wise, things seem to be in a steady state.  I will know more at my June CAT Scan. The past month was a bit of a rollercoaster but during a trip to the ER, I did learn that I am  COVID negative and that some of my tumors had shrunk in some areas due to the new treatment. For now I will continue the treatment and rely on the sweet prayers of many and the intercession of Fr. Thomas Price and The Most Blessed Mother, Mary!

Dutch says hi to all as he turns 6 months and as he tips the scale at 60lbs of Fox Red cuteness!  

love to all- Father

Journal entry by Father Tighe

Hello Dear Friends,

Many, if not all, are hunkered down at home.  I know this has been difficult for many.  I have observed many postings to social media sites which tell me as a Priest, that people's worlds are upside down.  It is interesting to note, however, that all of the deadly sins have been on display in these postings.  Pride, Greed, Anger, Envy, Lust, Gluttony and Sloth.  See if you can spot this over the last few weeks.  I can certainly see some in my own reactions to the changes thrust upon us.  We must not lose Faith that God can create out of nothing. Imagine he created us out of the dust, seriously.  We begin Lent with the words, "from dust you came and to dust you shall return.  My point is this: Are we contemplating what God is doing with it in our lives.  He has stripped away all of our routines, our structures and we have murmured and complained.  Even the tasks of a "normal" Lent have been stripped away.  Confession, Mass, Communion and the weakened fasts and abstinence that we have become accustomed to for "accomplishing" or "checking off" a good Lent.  Despite not feeling like we have checked all the boxes, does God leave you without remedy?  No, quite the contrary.  God has provided generously through the Vicar of Christ on Earth (The Holy Father) the commuting of our sins and punishment.  I know there are rigorists among us who would rather "earn my forgiveness" but in the end, can we earn or merit God's forgiveness?  Absolutely not.  This is a great Lent where we must look to the Cross as we begin Passion Week and deep within us, we must make that sweet cry that falls softly upon the Sacred Heart as the best bouquet, the simple cry for Mercy.  For those who cry for Mercy shall not be denied.  
Yesterday, April 2nd would have been my mom Jean's 100th birthday.  It is also the day of Pope St. John Paul, II's birthday into heaven.  Yesterday, I received the great news that I will be allowed into the compassionate care program for Keytruda.  While not in a trial anymore, I will get the trial drug.  I sent the application in on Monday.  In a process that normally takes 4-6 weeks for approval, I applied on Monday and heard on Mom's Birthday in just thee days.  Please remember the importance of Jesus' three days in the tomb.  That after the sadness of his death (where he conquered sin and released prisoners) there was the triumph of His Resurrection!  Three days, please prepare for it, accept the crosses that he uses to purify us and look to your right... you will see our Blessed Mother standing by your cross.  She never fled and there she became our Mother.  Do not be afraid!  Trust in God, call on him in Mercy, hold the hand of Mary and know that his plan is a loving plan, that you are loved and that his salvation continues to be offered despite what has happened in our lives.  Discover his Mercy again like a child, and teach it.  Sunday we begin Passion Week and in one week we begin the Divine Mercy Novena, celebrate your beautiful Faith, Believe, Hope, Trust and Cry out in Mercy.  I love you! 

Fr. Philip Marian Tighe

Journal entry by Father Tighe

Dear Friends,

Peace be with you!
Today was a good visit to Duke.  I did not begin a new protocol regimen of chemo today.  The Doctors are searching for a new trial and asked me to do more testing.  I would be grateful if you would pray and ask the intercession of Fr. Price to reveal the path that the Lord so desires.  I'll let you know more as information becomes available.  

In the meantime, please remember those fighting the COVID-19 Virus, the doctors, nurses and health care professionals.  May St. Luke assist them and the Divine Physician use them for His Mercy and healing.  

Let us also pray for those who have died, for their family members and friends.  As the Church prays, remember we are not alone.  There is a heavenly throng of intercessors, angels and Our Blessed Mother directing the grace to put aside fears, to use common sense and to trust in the Lord's almighty hand.  

Stay safe and know that you are in my prayers.  

Our Lady, Sedes Sapientie and Health of the Sick, Pray for us!

God bless you, 

Fr. Tighe

Journal entry by Father Tighe

Dear Friends,

Peace be with you!

I was informed on Thursday that my cancer has re-appeared in my liver.  
Dr. Uronis will take me off of the chemo trial because the tumor (also called a “met” which is short for metastasis) has found its way around the chemo and keytruda.  
March 12th, I will return for treatment using a different protocol.  

I am grateful for your ongoing support and prayers through the intercession of Father Thomas Fredrick Price.  The doctor’s don’t seemed too concerned and I trust that Mother Mary keeps her Priests close to her.  I am confident in Father Price’s intercession and the continued purification of my soul and the purification of the Bride of Christ!

Please receive this with calm and peace.  Trust and pray!  God is in control.  I would be grateful if you would remember the soul of Fr. Arthur, O.S.B. In your prayers.  He died peacefully on Friday at 6PM and his rites at Belmont Abbey will begin on Monday.  

A grateful servant,

Father Tighe

PS- I’ve attached a picture of my new pup who is a gift from God.  His name is Dutch!

Journal entry by Father Tighe

A Savior is born to us Christ the Lord!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

May the Peace of the first Christmas fill your hearts.  This Christmas for me is unlike any before.  
Last year, I wasn’t sure I would make it to Christmas, I was scared like many of us and our our friends or family can be when our health is in question.  
This year, I receive the blessings of renewed strength in the Lord, an awareness of the Christ Child born to us as the Divine Physician.  
He is born to save us, to set us free from sin, to conquer death and to assure us of our true identity as children of God.  
I offer my Christmas Mass in thanksgiving for each of you, of your prayers and what the Christ Child is accomplishing through your Faith.
May the Birth of Christ, bring you great joy, restore your hope and fill your home with his love.  For God so loved the world that he gave us his only beggoten son.  
He is born, our Savior, let the angels rejoice and announce this Great News”. Jesus Christ is born today let us come to adore him!

With love at Christmas,
Father Tighe

Journal entry by Father Tighe

 Dear Friends and Lay Faithful, 

I share with you the following letter from Bishop Zarama. He has asked me to rest.  In obedience, this will be my last caring bridge post.  The office of communications will provide any future updates. Thank you for being a part of this communion of prayer and for your many sacrifices and hours before our Eucharistic Lord and our Most Blessed Virgin Mary.  Love, 

Father Tighe





To: Priests


From:  † Luis Rafael Zarama, J.C.L., Bishop of Raleigh 


Re:  Update and Prayer Request




Dear Brother Priests, 


Thank you for joining me in prayer for Fr. Tighe’s continued healing.


Fr. Tighe’s physicians are very pleased with the results and with the follow up pathology reports.


He will remain in Pittsburgh convalescing for some time but will try to provide occasional updatesvia the Office of Communications. In the meantime, know that our brother is healing. He is grateful for your prayer and intercessions and he looks forward to sharing more about the miraculous events he has witnessed and experienced on his journey.


With gratitude for your service and for your prayers. 



Journal entry by Father Tighe

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

All is well here in Pittsburgh. The surgery took eight hours.  I am still in ICU, not because of problems though, but because a bed has not opened upstairs.

There are great miraculous events to share on Mary’s Queenship but Physical therapy is here for a walk..... and afte that a Holy Priest  just arrived with Our Lord, the Real Presence of the Most Blessed Sacrament, the Divine Physcian.  


Journal entry by Father Tighe

Hello Friends,
As you probably know, I've been diagnosed with Esophogeal Adnocarcinoma.  I don't know alot about it but anytime it is mentioned, people's eyes water up and they become sad very quickly.  I don't want to sadden people but I want to share with them the words of scripture and of the Pontificate of Pope St. John Paul, II "Do not be afraid".  I don't feel fear about this unless it is a fear of disappointing God. Just in the last 5 days so many people have prayed, offered Masses, Holy Rosaries, time in Adoration or shared with me beautiful prayers.  I am humbled by the love and I am grateful.  I must say though I'm already seeing miraculous fruits from the prayers.  One Doctor friend has somehow got me into University Pittsburg Medical Center in just 4 days.  Today the amazing robotic spcialist surgeon, Dr. Luketich called and said he wants me packed and out the door on Monday so that I can be at their clinic on Tuesday at 9AM.  So Tuesday I'll have PET Scans, Constrast CAT scans of the chest, abdomen and pelvis and an EUS or an Esophogeal Sonogram.  With these tests they can determine the staging and if there is minimal involvement of the lymph nodes, I may have surgery on Thursday and start chemo before or immediately after surgery.  That is miraculous to go from learning of this on Thursday last week to surgery in 7 days.  Mother Mary is answering prayers.  On a humorous note, I must look for the silver lining.  They tell me I'll lose weight and I wont have to pay for a haircut for a couple of months.  😳  Please know how grateful I am for your many prayers and support and a special thanks to the anonymous doctor who got me there, pray for the medical teams please.  I am grateful to my brother Priests who will caring for NC State in my absence.  I send my love and joyful graditude.  I've shut down email to stay focused on prayer so I'll try to give an update to everyone here on Tuesday night as the tests start to come back.  Stay positive, prayerful and lets sing through this like St. Maximillian Kolbe.  Mary Immaculate, pray for us! - Father Phil Tighe
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