Journal entry by Father Tighe

 Dear Friends and Lay Faithful, 

I share with you the following letter from Bishop Zarama. He has asked me to rest.  In obedience, this will be my last caring bridge post.  The office of communications will provide any future updates. Thank you for being a part of this communion of prayer and for your many sacrifices and hours before our Eucharistic Lord and our Most Blessed Virgin Mary.  Love, 

Father Tighe





To: Priests


From:  † Luis Rafael Zarama, J.C.L., Bishop of Raleigh 


Re:  Update and Prayer Request




Dear Brother Priests, 


Thank you for joining me in prayer for Fr. Tighe’s continued healing.


Fr. Tighe’s physicians are very pleased with the results and with the follow up pathology reports.


He will remain in Pittsburgh convalescing for some time but will try to provide occasional updatesvia the Office of Communications. In the meantime, know that our brother is healing. He is grateful for your prayer and intercessions and he looks forward to sharing more about the miraculous events he has witnessed and experienced on his journey.


With gratitude for your service and for your prayers. 



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Journal entry by Father Tighe

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

All is well here in Pittsburgh. The surgery took eight hours.  I am still in ICU, not because of problems though, but because a bed has not opened upstairs.

There are great miraculous events to share on Mary’s Queenship but Physical therapy is here for a walk..... and afte that a Holy Priest  just arrived with Our Lord, the Real Presence of the Most Blessed Sacrament, the Divine Physcian.  


Journal entry by Father Tighe

Peace be with you!  
Because of your prayers, God’s great love and amazing Doctor’s and Nurses, I will be heading to surgery in Pittsburg on August 19, 2019.  The August 20th surgery to remove the original esophogeal tumor will be a long surgery with a long recovery.  I am told that I will be in Pittsburg for approximately 14 days before returning to North Carolina in early September to begin the healing process.  I am both excited and scared, but I trust that this is what the Lord wants.  I am grateful to each of you for your prayers, a dear Catholic doctor, Bishop and Brother Priests and friends who have helped me prepare for this next step and I would be very grateful if you would help with your continued prayers.  Fathe Thomas Price has been such an amazing intercessor in these miraculous results.  Let us also ask Mother Mary for her continued maternal care for each of you and for your dear families.  With love,  -Father
St. Jane de Chantal, pray for us.  

Journal entry by Father Tighe

Dear Faithful Friends,

I write to you on the feast of Saint Benedict, mindful of the persistent deluge of prayers that have been offered by family, friends, Monks, Sisters, Brother Priests, parishioners, college students and dear children.  Your personal sacrifices and numerous reminders have lifted me up daily.  The prayer shawls, notes and cards from Adoration and Masses have gently but persistently knocked on the Compassionate Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  I know great Saints have also been interceding and future Saints like Father Price, have been tirelessly asking for today’s good news. It is with a humbled heart and grateful spirit that I relay the doctor’s report.  Last years’ hot spots (tumors) in my bone, lymph nodes and liver are now miraculously cold!  Praise God!!  Only the Esophageal tumor remains. We are now beginning the discussions about the possibility of surgically removing it.  I beg you for your continued prayers in hopes that a cure would bolster the Faithful’s confidence in the power of prayer, their confidence in the fidelity of God and if He so chooses, continue using us as his instruments of Mercy. I love you and I remain indebted to you for your kindness to me and your inspiring faithfulness in God’s loving plans.


Journal entry by Father Tighe

Hello Faithful Friends,  
May the grace and peace of the Lord be abundant in your homes.  

I write to share that treatments are continuing.  I began cycle twelve yesterday.  Last week had me in the hospital for a couple days to get a dialation of the esophagus.  This was my first overnight in a hospital since age 16!  

I must say the Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion from Immaculate Conception we’re amazing.  Thanks to all who are dedicated to that ministry.  

My next scans PET-CT will be July 2nd, and then we will learn if  the liver is clear. 🙏🏻. After that data comes back, the interdisciplinary discussions between Oncologists and Surgeons will determine if I move to surgery or if we add radiation as part of the standard protocols.  In any event I am back to swallowing about 50% and grateful for all that God has done to the answer your many prayers.  Hope never disappoints and love never fails.  Onward faithful friends!   With a grateful heart, - Father

Journal entry by Father Tighe

Dear Friends, 
I apologize for the delay.  The pilgrimage to Lourdes was a very blessed experience.  Today I began cycle 10 of chemo and immuno therapy.  Praise God!  Your prayers are being heard and God is so very generous.  Another metastasized tumor in the liver has disappeared which only leaves one along with the esophogeal tumor.  The remaining liver tumor is barely visible!  I am very grateful to God and to you for your fervent and faithful prayers.  
Please keep the Gould family in prayer along with our two Deacons who will be ordained Priests on June 8th at Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral at 10 AM.  All are welcome.  Let’s pack the house of God and say thank you for new vocations.  Happy Mother’s Day to our mom’s and the many spiritual moms who nurture our Faith!!!


Journal entry by Father Tighe

Dear Friends,  
I write to share with you truly Good News from the Lord.  Today was a full day at Duke.  It started with many tests, scans, blood draws, a visit with the oncology team and infusions in the afternoon.  I had been begging for a miracle in the last few weeks.  Begging our Creator is always pleasing to Him.  So many times in the scriptures he asks “what do you want?”.  The replies have echoed down through the centuries: “I want to see”, “my daughter is ill, come and lay hands on her” or “Lord, help my unbelief”.  While we may not get exactly what we want, we always receive more than we could ever imagine.  Today was one of those days.  After the CT scans, the oncology team shared with me the radiologist’s findings.  Of the five metastatic tumors that were in my liver, three have disappeared and the two remaining tumors continue to shrink.  It took my breath away and then they added and that they will readjust my chemotherapy.  From now on each cycle will include the trial drug Keytruda and the daily oral chemo called Xeloda.  This means no more Oxaliplatin which was very tough on the body.  I was overjoyed to hear this and I have returned home and just finished praying a Mass of Thanksgiving.  I am so grateful for your many prayers.  Please keep praying.  The Lord is answering them!
Gratefully yours in Christ
Father Tighe

PS God willing, the next entry will be from Nevers, France.  I will visit Our Lady of Lourdes first to ask for her continued intercession and then the heart of Fr. Thomas Price in Nevers.  Let us pray that he receives recognition for his intercession of these miraculous results and that we receive our first canonized saint from North Carolina!  Peace!

Journal entry by Father Tighe

Dear Friends,

It is more than right that we thank God unceasingly for you, brothers because your faith grows apace and your mutual love increases. 1Thes 1

Today begins cycle 6 of chemotherapy and things are going well, thanks to your many prayers.  The side effects have been manageable and my fears about what treatment would be like have mostly dissipated.  

The care at Duke continues to exceed expectations and God continues to surprise me with unexpected consolations.  For example, you may remember from an earlier post that my Oncologist's name is Hope, well today when I was finishing the harshest infusion, the assistant stepped to the threshold of the room so as to verify what the treatment nurse was hanging for the last infusion today.  The treatment nurse asked me to tell the assistant my name and birthdate.  When I asked her what her name was she said FAITH!  Oh the dear Lord and his mysterious ways!  

I remain overwhelmed by the love and kindness of family, friends and the faithful who are so generous with your many Masses, rosaries, holy hours and sacrifices.  I thank God for you and your accompaniment on this journey.  

I would be grateful if you would pray for Renjith Joseph, a young 19-year-old from India.  He suffered greatly from a motorcycle accident.  He is on life support with no brain activity.  He needs prayers for a miracle and his family needs prayer for the difficult decisions confronting them.  They are very faithful Catholics and they have a great love for Saint Mother Theresa of Calcutta.  Your prayers will be of great comfort to the family in their need and will aid Renjith in being properly disposed.  

Also please remember in your prayers the 26 young men and two chaperones who will board the bus with me tomorrow at 6 AM to begin our Seminary Pilgrimage.  We will visit the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, celebrate Mass and visit with our Raleigh Seminarians studying at Theologica College at CUA before heading to Philadelphia. There we will pray with the seminarians at St. Charles Borromeo and enjoy the fraternity of our 21 Raleigh men studying for the priesthood.  Your prayers will surround them as they seek God's will and listen to His gentle voice.  

I share with you a picture of an old altar cross from the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico.  In 1921, two men entered the Shrine with the intention of damaging the image, they placed dynamite in the false offering of flowers they brought to venerate her.  After the explosion, there was no damage to the image of Our Lady.  The cross and our Lord absorbed the entire force of the explosion.  When the custodians entered the church to assess the damage, they found our Lord bent over backwards looking at his mother!  
Thank you for your loving, generous and faithful prayers.  
I keep you in my prayers with a grateful heart,  

Journal entry by Father Tighe

O Wisdom, O holy Word of God, you govern all creation with your strong yet gentle care. Come and show your people the way to salvation.

I received the results of the CT scan today. Dr. Hope said that there is no growth in the esophageal tumor and that all liver spots have shrunk with one of them, no longer visible.  This is truly Good News and a result of an ocean of prayer.  Despite some less than fun side effects, we are moving in the right direction.  Let us look East in this Advent journey with joyful hearts and expectant Hope!  

Let us be determined in our prayers for the continued healing of all the sick, especially for Shirley O’Donnell and Monsignor John Wall.  

Father Phil Tighe

Journal entry by Father Tighe

Hello Friends,
As you probably know, I've been diagnosed with Esophogeal Adnocarcinoma.  I don't know alot about it but anytime it is mentioned, people's eyes water up and they become sad very quickly.  I don't want to sadden people but I want to share with them the words of scripture and of the Pontificate of Pope St. John Paul, II "Do not be afraid".  I don't feel fear about this unless it is a fear of disappointing God. Just in the last 5 days so many people have prayed, offered Masses, Holy Rosaries, time in Adoration or shared with me beautiful prayers.  I am humbled by the love and I am grateful.  I must say though I'm already seeing miraculous fruits from the prayers.  One Doctor friend has somehow got me into University Pittsburg Medical Center in just 4 days.  Today the amazing robotic spcialist surgeon, Dr. Luketich called and said he wants me packed and out the door on Monday so that I can be at their clinic on Tuesday at 9AM.  So Tuesday I'll have PET Scans, Constrast CAT scans of the chest, abdomen and pelvis and an EUS or an Esophogeal Sonogram.  With these tests they can determine the staging and if there is minimal involvement of the lymph nodes, I may have surgery on Thursday and start chemo before or immediately after surgery.  That is miraculous to go from learning of this on Thursday last week to surgery in 7 days.  Mother Mary is answering prayers.  On a humorous note, I must look for the silver lining.  They tell me I'll lose weight and I wont have to pay for a haircut for a couple of months.  😳  Please know how grateful I am for your many prayers and support and a special thanks to the anonymous doctor who got me there, pray for the medical teams please.  I am grateful to my brother Priests who will caring for NC State in my absence.  I send my love and joyful graditude.  I've shut down email to stay focused on prayer so I'll try to give an update to everyone here on Tuesday night as the tests start to come back.  Stay positive, prayerful and lets sing through this like St. Maximillian Kolbe.  Mary Immaculate, pray for us! - Father Phil Tighe
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