Thoughts & Well Wishes

Fran&Ray Scherzer | Jun 14, 2020
Hi Fr. Phil,  What wonderful news! Our Lord God is so gracious to His children! Sometimes the lessons He allows us to experience whilst on this earth are tough, but He always give us His Grace to get through them 🙏 ! I can surely vouch for that....Grace😀 Here is a Tip: Bird Watching....can be done either inside or outside!  So much action out there and all you need is a pair of binoculars.  Soon you will become familiar with their different sounds and songs! Watch out for the cow bird...she is tricky😳 Find out why!  Ray and I will continue to keep you in prayer
Maureen Perlette | May 19, 2020
Thank you for your latest journal entry.  It is always good to read your message and see how you trust Our Father and Mary with your journey.  It is sometimes hard to do that but I love your sharing your thoughts and emotions with us. I continue to pray for your healing and strength during treatment.  I know Dutch shows you what faithful companionship is about and am thankful you have him to keep you company.  Love and prayers 🙏 
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Carole Lameo | May 19, 2020
Hi Father:  Heartfelt and loving prayers continue for your healing.  Isolation is indeed hard but my extra time has been spent in prayer to our Blessed Mother and her Son.  It is truly a scary world but we must believe.
Your 'buddy' is getting bigger and cuter by the day.  I'm sure he is good company for you.  Take good care and please remember me in your prayers.  God bless.

Love, Carole  😊 
Carole Lameo | Apr 23, 2020
Hi Father:  Pray that your new treatments are going well.  Be assured of my continued prayers.  This quarantine has surely given me more time to do soul searching to see what is truly most important in life.  I say the rosary more often now and pray that the Blessed Mother is placing my intentions before her Son.
Be safe and stay well.  Hugs to you and a special one for Dutch.  Bet he is great company for you.  Miss you!
Love always, Carole