Thoughts & Well Wishes

We will miss your heartfelt messages Father.  We continue to pray for you daily and offer monthly Masses for your healing.  God has a plan for you; just follow His footsteps and all will be fine.  We will look forward to Bishop's positive updates.  Rest well...……..
Much love,
Doris & Chuck
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Carole Lameo | Aug 22, 2019
Father Tighe:  So good hearing from you (as well as your brother, Pat) to keep us updated.  God is Good;
God is Great!  May He continue to watch over you and grant you a complete and full recovery.  May God also bless your whole medical team.  My prayers are always coming your way.
Carole Lameo | Aug 21, 2019
Pat:  Thank you for the update on Father's surgery.  My prayers and thoughts are with Father through the
recovery stage and thereafter.  He has helped SO MANY people get through all their trials and everyone is
definitely rooting for him.  God bless you and your family for going through this most difficult time in Father's
life.  I know all too well how hard it is to watch your loved one suffer.  Prayers continue for all of you; Father
and his entire medical team.  
Steve Rapkoch | Aug 18, 2019
Father...Joan and I will be praying for you on Tuesday the 20th.  May the Lord Jesus and His Blessed Mother watch over you, the doctors and the other caregivers as you continue your journey to full recovery.  Thank you, again, for all you've done for Nicolas as he seeks to emulate your faithful and holy ministry.

With great affection...Joan & Steve Rapkoch