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Aug 23-29

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It just keeps getting better!!! I feel the best I've felt in 8 months! After feeling good on steroids briefly this is the next best! I'm still having nerve pain in my swollen leg, but the doctor has given me ointment & Gabapentin to help manage it.  My labs are somewhat normal. There are a few things that are slightly out of "whack", but nothing to get excited about. With all your prayers & support, it just makes everything better 😘 
Rick says the only thing he notices, is I'm a little more cranky & argumentative 🙄🤔 I thought I'd always been that way😆  So, what's changed?
It's always great to hear from you! I know some of you are recovering from surgeries & illnesses & dealing with caring for family members. You are all in my prayers❣🙏
Stay safe & wear your masks!!

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