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May 24-30

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It's been three weeks on Wednesday since my last chemo/Immunotherapy treatment. Of course, since I'm feeling great,  I've got a horrible toothache in my back molar & can't chew on it & it is giving me constant pain. I contacted my Oncologist & my dentist today.  The Oncologist gave me something for "nerve pain". (Gabapentin) The dentist thinks I have a root fracture on the tooth but I have to see an Endodontist to get the special xray to confirm & extract the tooth. Ugh!!
My thyroid level was higher, so I had lab work yesterday & the Endocrinologist called to put me on meds today because my levels were extremely high.  I have an appointment with her on Tuesday.  I was excited to finish my Metformin for my high glucose caused by steroids from chemo. So, I get rid of one med & I get 2 more.
I really was hoping my elevated levels would go back to normal after a few weeks from both the glucose & thyroid levels.
Please pray me through this. I probably have hyperthyroidism.  My next treatment isn't until June 17th & I really was praying to feel good for 3 more weeks! I guess I've been blessed to get this far & not have any significant side effects.  I can get though this with strength & my faith that God is in control!
My Aunt sent me a card that I taped to my bathroom mirror that says "You would never have known God's strength  had His strength not been needed to carry you through" Charles Spurgeon
Thank you for your love & prayers!

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