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Aug 02-08

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Every day is a BLESSING in some way!!  After getting a bag of fluids and having labs done yesterday,
I also had a contrast CT of my abdomin and pelvis to make sure there were no new signs of lesions on my liver, pancreas, colon, kidneys, gall bladder, etc.  Good news!  All clear!!  My bloodwork is doing somewhat better, with Platelets up some, white blood cells back in normal range, and glucose up some.  There's still questionable levels on different things, but Dr. Shwaiki has been great about keeping an aggressive "eye" on everything and prescribing ways to improve levels.  The Prednisone is giving me more energy and has decreased my muscle inflamation, so I'm feeling really good!! There's another BLESSING!!
In all this going on, I found a wierd bruise on my side that I had the MA look at yesterday.  She took a picture of it to show the doctor.  We are treating it as a Tick bite!!!   Of all the things that can cause some wierd changes in your bloodwork, etc.!!  I'm on meds for preventative maintenance for a week, just as a precaution! Lord, give me a break!!!  It's not like I've been in the woods!  Just watering my plants outside could have attracted that little bugger!!??
I don't have to go back for labs again for a week, so that's a good sign.  I'll see Dr. Shwaiki in 3 weeks to determine the next steps for Immunotherapy, etc.  The Prednisone dosage is too high right now for the Immunotherapy, so we wait until the dosage goes way down.
I feel your love, prayers and support around me every day with your texts, emails, cards, phone calls, and thoughtful deeds.  Rick and I both are so grateful for the encouragement and strength it gives us to have this ARMY surrounding us!
Thank you and blessings to each of you to stay safe and well!!  This pandemic isn't even close to being over!!

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