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October 02, 2020

It just keeps getting better!!! I feel the best I've felt in 8 months! After feeling good on steroids briefly this is the next best! I'm still having nerve pain in my swollen leg, but the doctor has given me ointment & Gabapentin to help manage it.  My labs are somewhat normal. There are a few things that are slightly out of "whack", but nothing to get excited about. With all your prayers & support, it just makes everything better 😘 
Rick says the only thing he notices, is I'm a little more cranky & argumentative 🙄🤔 I thought I'd always been that way😆  So, what's changed?
It's always great to hear from you! I know some of you are recovering from surgeries & illnesses & dealing with caring for family members. You are all in my prayers❣🙏
Stay safe & wear your masks!!


September 18, 2020

The blood work continues to stay close to normal.  It will get one thing back in normal range and something else will change!!  It's a good thing I know that God has given me the strength to deal with all of this journey!  I had a CT with contrast of my chest last week to check for blood clots because I was having some shortness of breath occassionally.  All clear!!  It's not consistant, and no other symptoms of COVID, so nothing to worry about. 

The 3 months of abusing my right knee during my foot surgery adventure four years ago has finally reared it's ugly head!  I don't want to deal with unnecessary pain, so I saw the Orthopedist yesterday.  Some of the cartilege in my right knee is gone, so I got a cortisone shot to relieve the pain I've been having.  That's also the leg that's been swollen for over a year that started this whole journey.  The leg will probably never go down, so I'm told.  There are still other muscles that stay sore and hurt periodically, but at least I can do something about the knee!  I'll take that blessing!!

As it nears the holidays, I'm getting more and more anxious to see our family!  This COVID really has added to the difficulty of traveling and staying safe!  Keep praying that there will be no "surprises" in my health to prevent us from traveling some during the holidays!!  I need for Mom  & the kids to see me and know how strong I am and not just take my word for it!  Yes, I want to see the entire family who love me and pray for me constantly.  It may take a while, but I will see everyone from Michigan, to California to Texas, to Oklahoma,  & to South Carolina.  

Thank ya'll for the phone calls, texts, cards and most of all those PRAYERS!  They mean the world to me and keep me strong and encouraged.  Those of you who are local are keeping me "afloat", I love you! #SixPack #lovinghusband  #dearfriends  Bless each of you!



September 5, 2020

Since I'm having labs every week, you'll be hearing from me more frequently until my next treatment on September 30th.  I got a great report this week!!!

My Red Blood Cells were .10 from being in the "normal" range, and my Hemoglobin and Platelets are back in the Normal range!  My Glucose was 85, which anything below 100 is great!!!   I was afraid the Prednisone that I was taking would send my Glucose into diabetic range, but I made it through and done!! It's been a few weeks since I finished that.

This is the best report I've had since being diagnosed!  Let's just pray it stays that way and I can continue to feel this good!  Yes, I'm feeling great, and hoping the  arthritis pains don't come back hard!  Now that the Chemo after effects have been done, I'm grateful that it wasn't as harmful as it's been known to be!

I'm getting out some, just being careful and cautious about where I go and who I'm around!! Keep those prayers coming!!  God is hearing them and blessing me with answers!!

Blessings to each of you as you stay safe and well!



August 19, 2020

Your prayers have helped me through another anxious doctor visit!!  My bloodwork is almost back to normal.  Important levels, platelets, & hemoglobin are back in normal range and my Anemia is in check!  These factors have given the doctor enough to resume my Immunotherapy today!!!  I will have labs done every week for the next 6 weeks until I see the doctor again & have another treatment.  He will keep a close watch on my labs to make sure they stay in good levels!!  He said he won't have another PET scan for another month or two since he did the CT of my pelvis and abdomen and it was all clear!!

Depending on how things go for the next couple of months, he said I should be able to travel by car to see our kids and grandkids in OKC for Thanksgiving!!  Thank you Lord, for the gift of family!!!  He strongly urged that they wear masks, but my immune system should be ok to go!!!  Oh what beautiful words to hear!  After that, we'll see how far I can go for Christmas!!!

I'm on top of the world right now, and your love, support and prayers have helped to get me here.  Thanks for letting me share the GOOD NEWS with all of you. 




August 14, 2020

This week's lab work continues to improve!  Although there are still some areas of concern, there is faith in the improved levels that they will help each other to continue to improve!!  Every week has continued to improve in one area or another, that is HOPE!!!    I'm anxious to see Dr. Shwaiki next Wednesday to hear what's next.  I'm almost done with my Prednisone, or will be by the time I see him and have labs next week.  It will be interesting to see what affect that will have on my  lab work?  I will also find out if we can resume my treatment after being done with the Prednisone.

Every day is a GIFT!!  I know that this pandemic has had a great impact on how my cancer treatment and journey is playing out.  I miss my family so very much, but am thankful for the technology that gives me their faces to talk to and video of what those babies are doing!!  I'm counting on "virtual hugs" and appreciate all of the cards, messages, texts, phone calls, etc. that all of you are sharing with me.  I'm moved to tears (which doesn't take much) by your love, prayers and support!

Stay safe and well!


August 07, 2020

GOOD NEWS!! My blood work is getting better each week! My anemia has responded well to the high doses of Prednisone & have gotten my counts within reason!! My Red cells are still a little below normal,  but have slowly increased some. My Platelets are still a little low, but have increased significantly!! I am having lab work done each week until I see the Oncologist on the 19th to discuss what's next. I have had to stop treatment while on the high doses of Prednisone because they counteract each other. We will pray that we can get back on "course" when I see the doctor on the 19th.
I continue to feel really good & have energy while on steroids! Let's hope I don't "puff up" like a balloon which is typical with steroids! 😁🤔
I am so very blessed to have Rick to watch over me & "take whatever I dish out" to him. I thank God for his unconditional love every day. Keep him in your prayers so he doesn't run out of patience & stays reasonably healthy!
Each of you continue to bless me every day with your love, prayers & support. Words cannot express my gratitude!


July 30, 2020

Every day is a BLESSING in some way!!  After getting a bag of fluids and having labs done yesterday,
I also had a contrast CT of my abdomin and pelvis to make sure there were no new signs of lesions on my liver, pancreas, colon, kidneys, gall bladder, etc.  Good news!  All clear!!  My bloodwork is doing somewhat better, with Platelets up some, white blood cells back in normal range, and glucose up some.  There's still questionable levels on different things, but Dr. Shwaiki has been great about keeping an aggressive "eye" on everything and prescribing ways to improve levels.  The Prednisone is giving me more energy and has decreased my muscle inflamation, so I'm feeling really good!! There's another BLESSING!!
In all this going on, I found a wierd bruise on my side that I had the MA look at yesterday.  She took a picture of it to show the doctor.  We are treating it as a Tick bite!!!   Of all the things that can cause some wierd changes in your bloodwork, etc.!!  I'm on meds for preventative maintenance for a week, just as a precaution! Lord, give me a break!!!  It's not like I've been in the woods!  Just watering my plants outside could have attracted that little bugger!!??
I don't have to go back for labs again for a week, so that's a good sign.  I'll see Dr. Shwaiki in 3 weeks to determine the next steps for Immunotherapy, etc.  The Prednisone dosage is too high right now for the Immunotherapy, so we wait until the dosage goes way down.
I feel your love, prayers and support around me every day with your texts, emails, cards, phone calls, and thoughtful deeds.  Rick and I both are so grateful for the encouragement and strength it gives us to have this ARMY surrounding us!
Thank you and blessings to each of you to stay safe and well!!  This pandemic isn't even close to being over!!


July 27, 2020

God has answered our prayers with GOOD NEWS!  As most of you know, I was diagnosed with Hemolytic Anemia last Thursday and it was killing red and white blood cells.  I was put on a high dose of Prednisone starting at 80mg daily for the first week, and decreasing the dose each week.  I had labs today and my counts are going back up!!!  I was also worried that the meds would send my Glucose back up to diabetic levels, but so far, so good!  Let's keep praying for all of this to continue!!
I will have to postpone my Immunotherapy until my Prednisone dosage gets down in about 3 weeks.  It can't be given with this high dosage of steroids.  The benefits of steroids is pain reduction and makes you feel more energetic!  Yay!!
I go back Wednesday to see the PA and check my labwork again.  Keep those prayers coming because with the army I've got on my side, I'll get through this!!
I love ya'll and appreciate your prayers and support!