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Aug 09-15

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GOOD NEWS!! My blood work is getting better each week! My anemia has responded well to the high doses of Prednisone & have gotten my counts within reason!! My Red cells are still a little below normal,  but have slowly increased some. My Platelets are still a little low, but have increased significantly!! I am having lab work done each week until I see the Oncologist on the 19th to discuss what's next. I have had to stop treatment while on the high doses of Prednisone because they counteract each other. We will pray that we can get back on "course" when I see the doctor on the 19th.
I continue to feel really good & have energy while on steroids! Let's hope I don't "puff up" like a balloon which is typical with steroids! 😁🤔
I am so very blessed to have Rick to watch over me & "take whatever I dish out" to him. I thank God for his unconditional love every day. Keep him in your prayers so he doesn't run out of patience & stays reasonably healthy!
Each of you continue to bless me every day with your love, prayers & support. Words cannot express my gratitude!

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