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Jun 20-26

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Tomorrow I start what will hopefully be the last leg of my cancer journey! Its been a long road but knowing I have so many out there praying over my healing has made it so much more manageable. I know the Lord is my true healer, leading this journey and keeping me strong. The fight has by no means been easy but I will continue to fight for as long as I need to. With all that said for the next 12 weeks I will be taking oral chemo 4 pills twice daily for 2 weeks on and 1 off. Please continue to keep myself and my family in your prayers. Prayers that the side effects are mild and that my family can continue to be strong when I am weak. Prayers that we continue to be blessed with the help, love and support we so need during this horrible chapter. Prayers that we are able to enjoy some of the time over the next 12 weeks and that while we don't want to rush through life we do want these weeks to pass quickly. And most of all prayers that after treatment is finished my scans come back free and clear of this horrible disease!

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