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May 09-15

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Last radiation was yesterday! Yay for the end of that chapter. Next week I meet with the oncologist and get instructions for oral chemo. I’m not looking forward to it but am praying hard that the side effects be minimal. Trying to just keep a positive mindset and do all the things now that I can! Living each day for what it is and enjoying what I can. Neala’s schooling is coming to an end and we’re down to our last few assignments! That’s a huge blessing itself! It’s been quite the family job teaching her and working through all of the ups and downs of the program. Im blessed to have the support I do to help me through and to step in when I couldn’t. This will always be a year to look back on and realize how strong we all are. I definitely have a way different outlook on what is and isn’t important in life. Soon I will be back to announce that I am cancer free and life will go on with our new normal!

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