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Site created on February 5, 2021

Hello Friends and Family!

It is really hard to write this since it's about me.  I have decided to use this forum to keep everyone updated about my new journey.

I have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer in both breasts.  

Nutshell:  This cancer is stage I and II.  This is great news as my prognosis is the best I can ask for!    
Treatment:  Bilateral (Both) Mastectomies and reconstruction surgery - I do not have to have radiation therapy.  I will know after surgery if chemo is on the table.

I have been through a lot of testing and initial doctor visits and I have quite few more consults to get through in the next few weeks.  

Support:  I have a great network of friends and family that are already on it!  The train has left the station and we are working out all the necessary details as we get farther down the track for what I am going to need along the way.   

I promise you will be updated frequently!  Right now I am asking for prayers, well wishes and positive energy.  It is really hard already to update so many people with so much information, especially when I am just digesting this myself.     
Thank you for all the love.


Newest Update

Journal entry by kara couch

Hi Team Tammy,


This is Kara.  Tammy completed her first round of chemo today.  She is scheduled for 4 rounds total.  She should have her last round in June.  She is getting her chemo at her oncologist's office.  The infusion room is large, bright and has super comfy chairs and knitted blankets.  It is as welcoming as environment as you could want.  She was doted on by the nursing staff and Dr. Dushkin.  Noah brought her to the appointment and I joined them mid infusion.  Tammy was quickly identified as a chemo newbie by other patients and they offered words of encouragement and gave helpful tips.  The infusions went fairly smoothly after a small reaction to the first med.  They gave her some Benadryl and steroids and things were back on track quickly.  The first medication causes a lot of nerve pain in the hands and feet so Tammy used ice blocks until the med was done.  That's normal.

She's going to be resting up over the next few days and we will see how she feels next week as well from a fatigue standpoint.  Since this is her first round, we will learn how she does and that will only help on the next 3.  After the chemo is done, she will start radiation as the 3rd phase of treatment.

As always, thanks for all of the love, support, prayers and well wishes!  Tammy will post soon.  The info about donations for her care is in a previous post. 

Thanks all!


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