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May 09-15

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Hello Hello TEAM Tammy!

Thank you all again so much for all of your support!  I am working my way through the milestones of cancer.

How's Chemo treating me?

CHEMO 1: 04-08-21

  • 🤪 First few days were Amazing!  Steroids gave me so much energy and I actually got a ton of stuff done!
  • 😴 Followed by CRASH - depleted of energy and essentially slept for a few days
  • 🙂 The next few days were fine 
  • 😲 !!!!PAIN!!!! - So after chemo you get a patch of sorts called Neulasta - it infuses a hormone to stimulate red & white blood cells - well it also causes bone pain.  I got to experience so much pain in my hips, pelvis, back and femurs that I was certain I must be going into labor.  Thankfully, the worst of this lasted only about 36 hours.  
  • 💩 - very uncomfortable bout of angry bowels - resulting a a great deal of let's just say "discomfort" - this lasted about 48 hours - Thank you JESUS!
  • 😓 - one day of hot flashes
  • 😴 - several days of crushing fatigue - managed by short days and many naps

I admit that the above symptoms certainly cannot be described as a good time, but truly I feel that it wasn't horrible!  I still feel blessed that I can benefit from going through all of this to come out the other side of this healthy and happy!

Last but not least of all:  HAIR LOSS - is an unavoidable side effect of my chemo regime is hair loss.  I knew that the bulls-eye for this was going to be around the 2 week mark.  SO that is where we are....  I prepared for this by cutting my hair before my first chemo.  This past Sunday (Day 12) my hair started to fall out.  I also experienced a tender scalp like you get from a tight pony tail or if someone pulled really hard on your hair.  So, I got my head shaved.   It is shaved to a #2, this allows me to use a lint roller on my head to pull out the hair that has died and let loose from the follicle.  I will likely be completely bald in about a week.  I was nervous about this step.  I was really worried that I would have an ugly or have and odd misshapen head that would just make me feel even more self-conscious.  It turned out ok, its not too bad and I have even felt confident enough to not wear a head covering.  

Next post ....... Head-coverings.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.  

Next Chemo 4-29-2021



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