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David Jacob Bixler | Apr 23, 2021
Thank you for making this venue available for Tammy and others to share their story.
Lumi | Mar 17, 2021
Tammy, You are fantastic and I'm amazed at all of the people's lives you positively influence each day. Sending love, hugs and prayers!! Max
Max | Mar 10, 2021
Cory Szucs | Mar 8, 2021
Hi Tammy, I wish you strength and perseverance. I will think of you and pray for you. My best wishes to you and your family.
Martine | Feb 19, 2021
Wishing you speedy recovery, Tammy. Im confident that you will kick this. Everyone probably says this, but I'm willing to help with anything if you'll let me.
Art | Feb 19, 2021
Mark D McClish | Feb 12, 2021
Give it HELL Tammy! You can do this! SENDING LOVE!
Adaptive Mobility - Susie | Feb 10, 2021
Kick its ass. You got this.
David Jacob Bixler | Feb 10, 2021
Adam Bates | Feb 6, 2021