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Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement.   Please pray for our entire family.

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Journal entry by Jill Fouch

Happy Summer!
We have officially completed one week of summer break.  Although the weather hasn't acted like it is summer yet, we have fallen into break mode without any trouble.  Matt continues to be a warrior with treatment and side effects.  Typically he spends 6-7 hours every other Friday, letting the chemo drip through his veins with a goal of keeping cancer from gaining any ground.  He then is okay that evening thanks to the steroids.  He starts to fatigue and suffer from some nausea at some point on Saturday and the effects hit him hard by Sunday.  He bounces back midweek and usually has a few great days and then the joint pain hits.  This has been hard for Matt because it slows him down and his whole body hurts.  I admire him because he still participates in "life" with hopes not to miss a memory in the making.  The other side effect that has been bad is his sensitivity to sun.  We are figuring out what precautions to take and learning as we go along.  Zinc every hour, long sleeve shirts with SPF protection, gloves and sleeves that have protection as well.  He bought a new hat with attachable face masks, thank goodness he didn't buy the one that looks like a clown.  We are really trying to avoid the burns that are similar to the burns patients having radiation get after treatment.  Now that I think of it, maybe our not so summer weather has been a gift from God.

Summer doesn't mean our schedule is less busy.  We take school out of the mix but add in baseball, baseball and more baseball.  Jake is working at the ball fields and playing some summer league ball. Zac is playing little league and is on the All Star Team.  Maddie has started swimming again, I give her a lot of credit since practice is from 7 am-9 am.  I start teaching Extended School Year this week and Matt adds some football to his plate.  Kabookie is just trying to figure out why he doesn't get as many naps during the day, we have certainly disrupted his routine.

Celebrating today with Matt was very special for different reasons then in past years.  We have always celebrated Matt, each of our fathers and other men in our lives that give guidance as a father does.  This year seems like a celebration of life!  Matt told us tonight that last year in July he wasn't sure he would be with us, in person, this year.  We are finding each holiday, birthday and events mean so much more.  We find that we pray to be present each day and to give gratitude to God, our father that gives us so much love.  Our faith keeps us focused on the greater plan and helps us see more clearly after tears are shed.  Our faith provides comfort during the many side effects, to help answer tough questions that our kids have, to value what we often were to busy to notice and permission to love like tomorrow isn't promised. 

Team Fouch is not giving up this battle, we are fighting for a victory!  Part of our fight is to recognize when our emotional, physical and spiritual well being are in a place that we need to call in support .  Part of our fight is to recognize that we may get knocked down but we have a team and fans that will help us back up again.  Part of our fight is to continue to look to our coach and listen to his message.

We hope that you all are able to make some great memories this summer with those you love. I know we will be using every opportunity to make memories of our own.  

Faith Over Fear!

Love to all,
Team Fouch
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