Karey Hamrick | Oct 13, 2019
Keep up the good work, Matt!!!
Bob and Val | Oct 1, 2019
Deecy Smith | Jun 20, 2019
Graduated WCHS 1969 with Sue. My mom (& her mom) had colon cancer so I have been following your story pretty closely. I’m glad you went to MD Andersen. You’ve got to find them most advanced care in all situations. God bless.
Charlene Blanchard | May 30, 2019
Unfortunately couldn’t make it to game today. So happy to hear good news this week! Thoughts and prayers from the Latheop family!
Joel Lathrop | Apr 20, 2019
My heart aches for all of you, but your faith is so inspiring! You can weep because a rose bush has thorns, or rejoice because a thorn bush has roses. God bless you!
Laureen Parks | Mar 30, 2019
The Bernecker Family | Mar 25, 2019
Romanowski's have been praying hard for you! Your strong faith has really inspired us...You can see how HE is guiding you thru w/ special encounters, meetings, new doctors. . You are so strong with him on your team..keep fighting!! We will keep praying!
Janet & Jay | Feb 17, 2019
XOX Keep the Faith~!
Julie A. Fox | Feb 17, 2019
Matt and Jill, We continue to pray for you and so glad to read the update of your MD Anderson visit. Why are we so surprised when God sends others into our lives to encourage us?! He is so good! Blessings and hugs sent your way! Dee and Tom
Denise Mathison | Feb 13, 2019