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Love. Nelson and Ann McConnell | Aug 1, 2020
I am praying for you. Live in Stuart and Goins your winery last summer. So sorry to hear about the accident and your family's journey. Sharon
SHaron | Aug 1, 2020
For all you did for Kaylee.
An Old Holy Cow Friend | Jul 22, 2020
Thank you for your posts as we continue this journey of recovery with Kaylee and the family. We send up prayers of gratitude for the progress made and prayers of mercy that the progress continues to full recovery...a hug and love to you all...
Shelby and Raleigh | Jul 21, 2020
Linda Grimes | Jul 18, 2020
I am donating to honor Kaylee's determination to get past her accident and her resulting medical issues. She and her family sound like wonderful people and I pray that God continues to watch over them. CaringBridge has been a wonderful resource.
Joe & Laurie Braun | Jun 5, 2020
Shirley Pack Royall | May 26, 2020
Kaylee you are simply AWESOME as well as all your family. All the support you all have had from family, friends, doctors, nurses, therapists, surgeons and the list goes on and on is unreal.
Phyllis Thomas | May 22, 2020
Happy Mother's Day Tabatha! Kaylee is truly amazing and the progress she has made has so much to do with you! You're an incredible Mom. May you enjoy your day today and so many more with Kaylee and Conner
Lori Stasi | May 10, 2020
We are thinking of you all We are keeping you close. Thanks so much for sharing.
JIm and Ursula | Apr 13, 2020