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We will be posting updates about Kaylee so that we can point everyone to the same source of information. We can not even begin to thank everyone for their love and prayers since Friday, December 6. This has been a nightmare for us, and we have a long way to go.

Newest Update

Journal entry by David Stanley

The day finally came to move back home. We came home on February 6, only to be rushed to Martinsville Hospital and then transferred back to the Trauma ICU at Roanoke. We were home for five hours. I think that trip still weighs heavy on my mind, and one reason I had been kind of nervous about coming home. But the last few weeks have shown me how far Kaylee has come. She is so much stronger than she was then and way more prepared to be home. I've felt good about it this week and more excited as the days moved along.
Looking at packing up the house shows much stuff you accumulate. When Kaylee was in the hospital in December, people brought us food, snacks, cots, a refrigerator, coolers and other stuff. We filled up five window bays of the waiting room with food, snacks, drinks and all kinds of other stuff. It took a while to move everything out of the hospital. And now here we are, three months of living in a house in Roanoke. All of this stuff we had been accumulating and then all of the stuff we needed in a house. It took most of a day to pack it all up and then clean the house.
Kaylee was so excited about coming home. She kept asking about when we were going. It took way longer than she wanted. We finally got the box truck loaded up, along with Gary and Judy's truck, our car, and Conner's car. We said our goodbyes to the house, and started our convoy home. I posted on Facebook about how wonderful Roanoke had been to us. I cried as I typed the words and posted photos. It's overwhelming when we stop and think about what all Kaylee has been through, and then think about the trauma that we as a family have dealt with also. It's so much better to be crying tears of happiness versus all of the tears we shed in fear and hopelessness.
Dad and Mom drove the box truck home, while Kaylee rode with Tabatha and I, and Conner drove his car by himself so that he could listen to the music he wanted to play and not have to turn the volume down for conversations! We made it to Franklin County, and Kaylee said "Play some funky music white boy" and laughed. I asked her if she wanted to pair with the radio and play from her phone and she said yes. When I went to Bluetooth on the stereo, we were close enough to Conner's car that his phone ended up pairing with ours! His music started streaming through the speakers and I started laughing thinking about his music coming to a screeching halt and not knowing why. I didn't keep it paired too long, just long enough to make sure he knew that he had lost his jams. Then Kaylee played some songs. She finally played "Buy you a drink" which I will always think about her singing in rehab back in January. She was shimmying and singing it and we had the best time. We are back to that now and I love it.
We got home about 6:00 this evening. As we drove up the driveway, our neighbors, the Nelson family, had decorated our driveway with a message of "Welcome Home!" It was done in sidewalk chalk and it was so heartwarming to see. We were not expecting it, so it brought even bigger smiles to all of our faces. They had also left a note on the door welcoming her home, which is how we figured out who had done this. It was so great.
We had pizza from Leonardo's in Stuart, which is always fantastic! We unpacked a few things that we needed tonight, but mostly we sat at the house and enjoyed the whole family being under one roof again. We talked and laughed as we ate dinner. It was wonderful. As a side note, I forgot to thank Cliff and Mary Hughes for bringing dinner last night from the Roanoker Restaurant. It was great, and was enough that we could have it for lunch today while we were packing.
She took all but one of her morning medicines in pill form this morning and did great. We did mostly liquid through the g-tube tonight, because one of her anti-seizure medicines could only be filled for five days in pill form because they didn't have enough inventory. We decided to do the liquid tonight to allow us to have some extra in case it can't be filled by Monday.
We sat a twin size bed up in the living room for her and Tabatha and I are going to sleep on the couches in there. I don't think it will take long before we feel comfortable with her being upstairs in her room. Not sure how long it will take us to let her sleep in her room without at least one of us, but it will be a while. She did walk upstairs tonight. She wanted to see the Christmas presents she had bought before her wreck. She is excited to give those to all of us. She walked upstairs and did just fine with climbing the stairs and moving around in her room. She is doing so good.
We are so glad to be home. We aren't looking forward to unloading this truck and trying to figure out where to put all of this stuff though. We have already been talking about the Marie Kondo method of asking if the items bring us joy or not and then keeping or donating it. Maybe we'll try it. We are happy to have Kaylee home and all of us to be home together. It has almost been six months. That's a long time to be away from home. It's been hard for so many different reasons, but we are here and Kaylee is doing really good. It's been a great day!
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