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Site created on December 10, 2019

We will be posting updates about Kaylee so that we can point everyone to the same source of information. We can not even begin to thank everyone for their love and prayers since Friday, December 6. This has been a nightmare for us, and we have a long way to go.

Newest Update

Journal entry by David Stanley

Kaylee woke up once early this morning, but fell back asleep and then she slept until right at 9:00. She FaceTimed me and I went into her room and gave her a hug. We talked for a few minutes and then she asked me if I would go downstairs and get her meds and water. Then she said this elongated "pleeeeeeeeeeease?" How could I say no to that?

I had planned to drive to Farmville today to deliver wine, but turns out I needed to get wine from the warehouse and no one was going to be around this morning, so I had to move this delivery to next week. Kaylee and Mom had already planned a trip to Martinsville to do some Christmas shopping, so they started getting ready to do that. It actually worked out for the best that I could not deliver wine today. I had a project that ended up needing to be done today in order to have time to proof and get it approved by the middle of next week or it couldn't be printed until January which would miss all of the client's deadlines. Turns out that the licensing department, who has final say on projects, is closed at the end of next week, so we didn't have as much time to design as we all thought we did.

Kaylee and Mom did a little shopping until they stopped for lunch. Jacob came over and met them at Chick-fil-A. Mom let Kaylee eat lunch with Jacob in his car so they could spend some time together. They talked, laughed, and listened to music until he had to go to work. I'm glad she got some time with him. Kaylee and Mom did a little more shopping and then headed home for Kaylee's nap.

When I was finished with my project, Conner, Dad, and I drove to the winery to load up an inflatable Santa Clause, two wine barrels, and some other decorations and we headed to Stuart. We started the setup for our display at the Festival of Lights. When Tabatha got finished with work, she came over to help too. We didn't quite get finished, but we made a lot of progress. One of the cool things about this event is how all of these businesses and churches all paid to have a space, then planned decorations and set up their displays all for the good of the community. It's a fundraiser for the park. It's so awesome to see everyone commit like this.

Mom was sitting in Kaylee's room while Kaylee took her nap. And boy did Kaylee take a good one. She slept for just over an hour and a half. We had all gotten home and was just sitting downstairs waiting for her to wake up. It was almost comical. When she finally woke up, we all got ready to go to the Patrick County Chamber of Commerce After-Hours event at the Reynolds Homestead. We love all of the outreach and education and research that happens there, plus we love all of the people there too, so we try to make any event or program they have. Plus, we are big believers in the Chamber of Commerce, so we always want to support them as well. Plus, they had some great food tonight!

When we left, Kaylee, Tabatha, and I went to Walmart to get some last minute items we need for the Christmas lights. Conner had already went home to work on his homework and then Mom and Dad went home too. When the three of us got back, Kaylee worked on some homework that was due tonight and then she turned it in. She went upstairs at about 10:30, but somehow still managed to not turn her light off until 12:15. And yes, a lot of that was due to FaceTiming with Jacob. Tabatha was asleep, but woke up at 12:15 and saw the time and I think Kaylee and I both got into trouble.


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