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We will be posting updates about Kaylee so that we can point everyone to the same source of information. We can not even begin to thank everyone for their love and prayers since Friday, December 6. This has been a nightmare for us, and we have a long way to go.

Newest Update

Journal entry by David Stanley

Kaylee helped Tabatha make pancakes for breakfast this morning. And then Kaylee ate four pancakes. Four! I don't know how she eats that many. I had two and maybe could have ate one more but I would have been miserable. She had gotten another one out, but decided to stop after four. She said she didn't want to eat the fifth one because then she would have sounded like me complaining after dinners about "how miserable I am" after stuffing myself again. I resemble that remark...
Later this morning, Kaylee helped Tabatha give the kitten a bath. It's so funny to watch how calm he is through the entire thing. I've never seen a kitten sit so still and be totally fine with a bath. It's like he enjoys it. When they were done, Kaylee wanted to take a shower. It still makes me so happy knowing she can go take a shower by herself when she wants to, and we don't have to do anything except be around if she needed something.
Tabatha made chicken quesadillas for lunch and Kaylee watched a couple of episodes of the TV show Reba. She was ready for a nap after that. She slept for right at an hour and then texted me that she was awake. She said she wanted to go to the Martinsville Mustangs game tonight. They are the minor league baseball team and it was the last game of the season. It didn't start until 7:00 and we didn't want to be out all night, so we said we would have to leave the game early. She decided that maybe she just wanted to go to Martinsville and shop at Belk and Marshall's for some things. We haven't done much shopping, so we said OK. And turns out the game was cancelled anyway.
On the way down, Kaylee made this surprising, guttural sound and almost knocked over her cup of iced water as she swung her arms out. The sudden sound from her, the clanging of the cup and ice, and the explosive movement of both of her arms scared Tabatha and I and we immediately thought she was going to start having a seizure or something. My heart rate must have jumped to 140 at least, and then it turned out she had seen a Volkswagen Beetle and then tried to punch both of us at the same time and said "Punch Bug!" She was immediately laughing about how excited she got, but we were not laughing at all. We try not to be worried all of the time, but it is crazy how some kind of sudden sound and big movement from her like that can automatically put the fear in us. Because we never know when a seizure is coming, anything out of the expected can throw us for a loop. I think we probably have PTSD from the wreck and everything through surgeries, rehab, beeping machines in the hospital, and now these seizures too. We could laugh about it a few minutes later, but not in that moment. Kaylee felt bad that she scared us, but we told her she was completely fine. We loved that she got all excited and did that. We just weren't expecting that, but that she did nothing wrong. It's so hard when you're always on edge.
When we made it down to Martinsville, we went to Marshall's first. Tabatha nor Kaylee found anything they were interested in and we weren't in there long at all. I was just a third wheel on this trip anyway. Belk was a little different story and they both found some things they wanted. Kaylee was adamant that she was buying her own stuff, so she did. A good thing about this trip was that about half of the people in the stores were wearing masks again. I was surprised, and happy about that. It's nice to see other people caring about others.
We went to Arby's and got dinner and then drove to Dippers to eat in their parking lot and then have ice cream for dessert. They had a really good crowd tonight and we love patronizing a place that is run by such a great family. Plus, the ice cream is awesome. When we got home, we worked on Kaylee's classes for the fall. She wants to take three classes, because one of them is "only" eight weeks long. She is looking at her next math class, a history class, and a computer applications class that she has to take. That is the one that is eight weeks long. After working on these classes, we played cards tonight with Mom and Dad. Conner gets home tomorrow and then the whole family will be together again. We are all looking forward to that.
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