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May 09-15

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Kathy is still in ICU. Over the weekend she went into Afib several times. As of this morning, they had her sitting up in a chair. PRAISE!! The care team took her off the IV Fluids which will help her with her Afib and are giving her lots of potassium. Kathy’s back is in lots of pain, so the care team is trying to help her manage that pain. At this time, there has been "talk" about Kathy going down from CU to a more comfortable room but it has not happened yet. There is still so much that the care team needs to keep watching. We ask that you pray specifically for the care team as each Doctor and Nurse interact with her, that the team is strengthened by our Lord and given wisdom on how to handle Kathy. Kathy’s spirits are good and she is being a great patient. She is listening to the care team and not complaining, the only thing that is so hard for her is the overall feeling of being uncomfortable and in pain.  


We thank you for your continued prayers for Kathy. Our entire family cannot thank you enough for all of your love, support and encouraging words. We thank our Heavenly Father for each of you for the kindness and love that you have shown us. 


Continued prayers: Phil Morales, Lisa Altizer (her daughter) and Steve Altizer (son in law) as they journey with Kathy in the hospital. They all need rest and to stay healthy. 

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