Thoughts & Well Wishes

Gloria Rooke | Apr 7, 2019
Dearest Kathy, hang in there my dear friend. You are a very strong lady. We are here with you whenever you need us. Praying for a speedy recovery. Thank you for the information Kristin. Phil has been texting Fern and I am keeping informed through her. Going to see Alice today so take a breather and just concentrate on getting well, Kathy.
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Chris Morales | Apr 5, 2019
Im sure this is not the kind of birthday you hoped for nor the kind of birthday that you deserved, but we are wishing you a speedy recovery so you can come home and celebrate with family and friends.  Sending prayers and love to you so that things remain uphill from here on in.  Love you Johnny and Chris
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Gloria Rooke | Apr 5, 2019
Happy Birthday, Sweetie. I know this is certainly not the best way to celebrate but we will celebrate big time when you are released from the hospital. We love you and wish you a speedy recovery. We are praying for you, Phil and Alice. We will be going to see Alice on Sunday to give you and your family a little break. Love you very much. Until we can sing together again, 

Jim and Gloria. 
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