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April 9, 2019

Kathy is still in ICU. Over the weekend she went into Afib several times. As of this morning, they had her sitting up in a chair. PRAISE!! The care team took her off the IV Fluids which will help her with her Afib and are giving her lots of potassium. Kathy’s back is in lots of pain, so the care team is trying to help her manage that pain. At this time, there has been "talk" about Kathy going down from CU to a more comfortable room but it has not happened yet. There is still so much that the care team needs to keep watching. We ask that you pray specifically for the care team as each Doctor and Nurse interact with her, that the team is strengthened by our Lord and given wisdom on how to handle Kathy. Kathy’s spirits are good and she is being a great patient. She is listening to the care team and not complaining, the only thing that is so hard for her is the overall feeling of being uncomfortable and in pain.  


We thank you for your continued prayers for Kathy. Our entire family cannot thank you enough for all of your love, support and encouraging words. We thank our Heavenly Father for each of you for the kindness and love that you have shown us. 


Continued prayers: Phil Morales, Lisa Altizer (her daughter) and Steve Altizer (son in law) as they journey with Kathy in the hospital. They all need rest and to stay healthy. 

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April 6, 2019

Last night: Kathy went in atrial fibrillation last night. She is scared and exhausted. They did stabilize her and her kidneys are working. The reason for the episode was due to too many fluids. Nana is exhausted this morning but we praise the Lord for how his hand guided the right doctor at the right time. Prior to the episode, she saw her heart doctor walking down the hallway and she asked for the nurses to get him. The nurses quickly followed protocol and called the hospitalist for him to request Dr. Hoffman. Within the hour, Dr. Hoffman came to see her. When she went into atrial fibrillation last night, they called him and he was there for her during that time. We Praise the Lord for him and how the Lord has carefully intertwined paths!! Dr. Hoffman was a PhD engineer with AT&T and Phil Morales knew him through Intelsat in Washington, DC. Dr. Hoffman left communications and studied to became a heart doctor. This is Proof that God is watching over Kathy and Phil. 

PRAYER: Please keep Kathy's pain in your prayers. She is on minimal pain medicine and is in ICU. The reason for this is because there are other areas within her body that need to "wake up" and pain medicines stop that process. Kathy is still on the morphine button though so we are grateful. 

PRAYER: Please pray for all the areas on her body were she has surgery: Her Knee and stomach. Please pray that the incisions heal up well and that her skin responds well and heal up. Pray for no infections in these areas and that they have minimal scar damage. Pray that her knee does not in infection.

PRAYER: Please keep Phil Morales in your prayers. LOTS OF friends have been calling Phil and texting him non-stop. As we greatly appreciate the care and concern, this can cause LOTS OF STRESS on him. Prayer is the most important thing right now and he needs prayers and NOT opinions or questions as he has done nothing but try and repeat and repeat to everyone, which is exhausting. We do invite Phil and Kathy's friends to send notes of encouragement through the CaringBridge well wishes tabs within this site. We are reading them to Kathy and Phil daily. 


That is it for now folks. Will provide an update when they are provided. 

Kristen Breedlove - Granddaughter of Phil and Kathy Morales


April 5, 2019

Thank you all for visiting our CaringBridge page for Kathy Morales. She is a dear friend, aunt, sister, mother and nana to many. This site will allow you to send Kathy warm wishes and notes of encouragement. We will read these to her daily. Today is her birthday and we wish she wasn't in the hospital today. Here is an update that we provided on Facebook concerning Kathy. We will continue to provide updates through CaringBridge and then we will provide the link on Facebook for all to click and read about her condition and updates. 

Last Friday, Sept 29, 2019 - Kathy was scheduled for a schedule knee replacement procedure. The entire surgery was a huge success and she was feeling great and they had her walking on her knee over the weekend. Unfortunately, due to pain medicines and complications, her intestines and bladder were not waking up which was becoming painful for her. 

Thursday, Sept 28, 2019 - Kathy was scheduled for emergency surgery due to a tear that was filled up with air (I believe this was in her intestine). She was experiencing lots of pain and her white blood cell count dropped. She went into surgery at around 7:00 p.m. with the report that the upper left part of her colon was severely impacted. She is on strong antibiotics and watching her heart, kidneys and lungs. There is a concern about her knee that infection could make its way to it. She is currently in ICU. Overnight they kept her intubated and on a ventilator for comfort but they have removed her from intubation and she is responding to people. Her breathing is shallow and she is in much pain today. There is a fine line between the pain meds that they can give her. 

We will provide more details soon. Thank you all for your prayers and support. We love each of you dearly and we know you have played a deep loving role in the lives of Phil and Kathy Morales. They are both such lovely people and we pray deeply for you and love you. Thank you for kind words and your love. We ask as you go throughout your day that you please continue to pray for Kathy and for Phil. Phil is doing well, he is such a strong man and he stated last night that he "wished it was him dealing with this" instead of his sweet wife. He is a very strong man. Love you all and thank you. 

-Kristen Breedlove, Grand-daughter of Phil and Kathy Morales