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May 09-15

Week of May 09-15

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And....: Just like that I am devastated!   After going thru  all the steps to be Dads Donor ... My CT Scans came back showing there is something going on with my kidneys so... I was denied to donate.  Breaks my heart because everything else was perfect and a go.

My story will still go in front of the Transplant Team next week.   I asked if there was a way to revisit and as of right now... no.   I have to get into a Urologist and see if this is something can be fixed and possibly turn this denial into a chance, but the Nephrologist did not sound very positive it will happen.

Needless to say I am devastated and heartbroken!  I can’t save my hero!   

Please continue to pray for Jim!  His battle is far from over and I refuse to give up!!


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