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May 02-08

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We have some good news to go with the snag we got yesterday!

Found out Jim’s catheter is working to let fluids in but not out.  So he will going in next Tuesday the 11th to have an x-ray  to verify a clog or if another surgery to have it replaced.   This will then tell us when his actual start date for dialysis will be.  ( it was to be Friday)

Encouraging news:  I got a call from Iowa City Transplant team and am moving to the next step in the donor rotation!   I will be heading to Iowa City on May 25th to chat with the Transplant  team, the surgeon and a psychologist.   I then will
Have a Cat scan, MRI, EKG and more labs completed.  We then wait 2-3 weeks for results and  the results to go in front of the team.  If I pass and need no more tests....there are a few things that can happen
1.  If I am a direct match... we schedule the transplant and could be by the end of July
2. If I am not a direct match, I will have the option to go on the “swap” program.  This means if someone else’s donor  is a direct match for Dad and I for their person we can do it all for the swap! YES  no questions asked is my answer 
3. We wait for a match for Dad.

I know some of you have started this process...   would love to hear where you are and your thoughts!

As always... Thank you for all your Love, Support and continued prayers! 
Share this who knows whom will see this and would want to try to be a match!


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