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I am glad I can keep up to date about your concerns, successes, and trials on this site. Tell the people who are trying to find resources for you to contact your state representatives.They need to know of your trials and may be able find resources for you
Linda Bowers | Nov 23, 2019
Debby ~ I am so glad you share your struggles and your insights. I hang onto every word and use them to pray for you and your family. XXXXXOOOOO
Linda L Hoenigsberg | Nov 19, 2019
God bless and keep you all, safe and encouraged knowing he loves you.
Linda Bowers | Mar 29, 2019
Eleanor Z Ruch | Aug 14, 2018
Cynthia Swatt | Jan 17, 2017
Cynthia Swatt | Dec 31, 2016
With love for Debbie.
CaringBridge Supporter | Jun 5, 2016
May our awesome God continue to bless, keep, and bring healing to you. Cindy Swatt
Cynthia Swatt | Nov 18, 2015
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as God continues to bless you.
Cynthia Swatt | Jan 13, 2015
Upholding you and your family in prayer. Your journey is an inspiration to me. Keep the faith don't loose hope. Love Cindy PA
Cynthia Swatt | May 16, 2014