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Linda Bowers | Dec 8, 2019

You are such a wonderful writer. Your journey needs to be preserved. Have you thought of writing a book?

You would be such an inspiration to others who are having faith crises!!! Sammi Trumbore from Bethany self-published her memoirs and then sold them. Linda  Bunner and another friend from Bethany helped her.
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Jean Dalstad | Sep 13, 2018
Hi Debby,

It’s been forever since I’ve seen you and also checked in with your site to see how you are. You are amazing! Your strength to forge ahead with new treatments or doctor visits and PT are such an encouragement to others.

We have had a difficult summer and I’d like to ask if you can if you would pray for my daughter Jess- she’s been diagnosed with a grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma brain cancer tumor. She’s 26 and living on her own. She’s had 2 craniotomy surgeries this summer to remove as much of the tumor as they can get and starts radiation and chemo in a couple weeks.

Thank you Debby -wishing you comfort and the doctors wisdom to treat your ailments. God Bless you!
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Jean Dalstad | Aug 15, 2016
Hi Debby,

I haven't see you in a while- when I drop off meals you have either been sleeping or I was in a hurry. I will pray your pre authorization is approved. I am doing a new job at work and am working very long hours, so I probably won't be bringing meals for a couple months until things settle down. My family has been eating PB&J for dinner recently because I am not able to find time to cook! Take care and God Bless You!

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Cynthia Swatt | Aug 3, 2015
Greetings Debby,  It is so good hearing from you.  Sorry you continue to suffer so much.  You and God are an amazing team.. I admire your faith and am ashamed of the little things I complain about.  Will continue to pray for you and your good adult children.  Will forward this to Donna Bottcher.  It has been to long since we last visited you.  Your forever friend   Cindy
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Gail Rehman | Jul 7, 2015
I am praying for you to have wisdom in treatment choices.  Your June post indicates that you are directing your care, and making choices you can live with on a daily basis.  I find myself in a similar place, electing sometimes to be more comfortable rather than to fight as hard with unknown consequences.  I praise God that you have seen all your children graduate high school!  And I pray for them to growth in their faith, trusting God and honoring Him in their choices in life.  Much love from your sarcee sister!
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Robin Pennell | Jul 6, 2009
I'm so glad you have started one of these.  A friend of my daughters' had back surgery and she started one.  It was a great way to be in touch.

I'm sorry for your long, hard journey.  I can't begin to imagine how you've been coping other than through Christ.

I pray that you and your family will know God's love and peace in this trying time; that the Lord would give the doctors wisdom; and that you would continue to feel His sustaining love.

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