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This website is brilliant for keeping us all informed of Will's incredible journey. He is going through something few of us could ever even understand and doing it with courage, utter determination and even humour. I absolutely salute you Will! xxx
Gilly | May 4, 2019
Thanks for keeping us in the loop - great to see the progress!
Diane Otto | May 1, 2019
Much love from Emma , Emily, and Phoebe Heywood xxx
Emma Rose, Emily and Phoebe Heywood xxx | Apr 7, 2019
Our Family are thinking of you & your Family
Cathy Knowles | Apr 5, 2019
Keep fighting William, love. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We love you. Nanna xxx
Nanna | Apr 3, 2019
Thinking of you Paul, Amanda and of course Will. Sending love and positive thoughts to you all xxx
Juliet Grant | Apr 3, 2019
Love you, Will XXX Uncle Chris xxx
Chris Park | Apr 2, 2019