Thoughts & Well Wishes

Paul Fraser-Gray | Jun 28, 2019
Wow, we are home after 3 traumatic, turbulent, emotional months!!
I am so proud of this boy who has fought and amazed everyone with his recovery and determination. William, I love you and your return home means the start of a new journey in which, I'm sure you will carry on amazing everyone!

Hattie, I am so proud of you and love you so much. You have dealt with this incredibly difficult situation amazingly!! ❤

The care William has had throughout this ordeal has been nothing short of awesome and therefore although thank you hardly seems enough to all the surgeons, nurses, therapists and staff at Piedmont athens, shepherd centre and pathways, we are so grateful.

The love and support from the emmanuelle college community has been amazing. The Borchers have been beyond awesome and we cannot thank you enough. Deborah, pastor Tracey, Kirk and family and the staff and students have been beyond amazing too!

Thanks aplenty ( again hardly seems adequate) to everyone who has shared their support either via the justgiving, messages of support, texts etc or all of the above...just absolutely overwhelming.

Massive thank you to chris for spending time here in Atlanta allowing us to come home for periods to see Hattie and sort shit out!! Chris, gill and beth, your help and support for William and Hattie has been unreal!! Thank you so much.

Mum, thank you for everything you have done for us whilst we have been away. We CANNOT thank you enough. ❤ Mike and rosie, your help and support has been absolutely brilliant!! Thank you.

This has undoubtedly been the hardest time ever but the help and support we have had wti ❤ has got us all through this, and we are so grateful. Thank you.

Paul x

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Karen Slade | Jun 8, 2019
OMG, I had no idea what you guys were going through. I just found out when flicking through the Rhubarb News of all things!! I followed the link and read your journal with tears in my eyes. Will, your journey is incredible and you are an absolute inspiration. Stay strong and keep up the good work. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. 
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Marina Taylor | May 14, 2019
To Will, wishing him a speedy recovery from his operation and from his injuries. I am amazed at the
bravery, courage and determination he has shown in his effort to get better. I have been following
his progress and I can see that he has had the love and support of Amanda and Paul, his friends and
the fantastic team of surgeons, nurses and physiotherapists etc. who have aided his recovery.
I wish you all the very best Will and I am sure you will continue to progress and you will soon be able
to fly home to see the rest of your friends and family. Love Marina Taylor.
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Russell Moon | Apr 28, 2019
Will,  Your journey brings back so many good and painful memories for me. These will seemlike the hardest days of your life but cling to the idea God has a plan for you and will never forsake you.  Work hard and you will get back to the place you want and need to be.   Just remember when things get tough God is always there for you and your life has a very special reason for being here.  Take care and just remember God will never let more be placed on you than can take.    Best of luck and see you soon.  Russell   Moon
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