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Vonda was a treasure  as a writer and as a friend, as a citizen and a sister, as a human who walked this earth and made it a better place. We will not see her like again.

Her memorial will be held Sunday afternoon on June 9 at The Mountaineers Goodman Auditorium at 7700 Sand Point Way NE in Seattle, Washington. Doors will open at 1:45. At 2pm the sushi will arrive. Vonda loved sushi and we will have lots of it, made by a sushi chef whose first English book was Vonda's The Voyage Home. At 3 we will start gathering for a toast and some stories about her. Please think about sharing a story of when you met her or the book that most moved you or some time when she said or did something that seemed especially Vonda to you.

Several wonderful obituaries have been published, including Vonda's official obit by Tom Whitmore, which you can find in the 4/4/19 Journal entry, here on CaringBridge. We are all pleased to see Vonda's accomplishments lauded by the New York Times, The Guardian, Geekwire and File 770.





Newest Update

Journal entry by Jane Hawkins

Less than a week before Vonda's Memorial and I think plans are going well. Vonda was fond of sushi and I may have achieved overkill on the sushi order. :-) I will also have enough copies of several of her books to give them to people who attend: The Moon and The Sun, Fireflood and Other Stories, and Superluminal. If you are in from out of town, I encourage you to send me an email so I can include you in any gatherings before the memorial. janehawkins@gmail.com I also encourage you to think about whether you might like to say something after the main speakers. Maybe tell us how you met her or something about what she meant to you.
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