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March 19, 2019:

I need to revise this story. 
For now, please check the most recent updates to the journal.

Important and not welcome news.


On February 7th, during Seattle's snow week, Vonda went to the hospital with jaundice and some vertigo. She spent several days having many tests. The test results are in now, and the news is not good. The diagnosis is inoperable metastatic pancreatic cancer. Her doctor said it isn't stupid to hope for a year, but it could be less. She'll probably be getting treatment that may or may not slow things down, no way to know for sure.
Vonda is at home.  She tires easily and sleeps a lot but is mostly comfortable. She has several goals, including a project that is very important to her. We are doing our best to give her space for that work. So,  while she is pleased and almost shocked by the sweet responses of so many people, she would prefer to not get much in the way of emails or phone calls.

Eileen Gunn has agreed to take point on answering questions. Her cell phone number is 206-422-4724. (Feel free to leave a message.) Or you can email Eileen at gunn@radarangels.com (mailto:gunn@radarangels.com).  She is also summarizing information and good wishes for Vonda.

If you'd like to send Vonda a card or a letter, here is her PO box:  PO Box 31041, Seattle, WA 98103-1041.  She'd prefer not to get stuff -- those pretty items or nice flowers will honestly just be kinda sorta in the way.

Also, Vonda is fortunate to have excellent medical coverage and generally good resources. So, much thanks to people who started talking about fund raising almost instantly, but she really is very likely to be fine financially. Please keep in mind that donations via this website go to Caring Bridge. Which is a fine organization worthy of your money but which is also very well-funded.

What can you do for Vonda? Post stories, amusing anecdotes about interactions with Vonda, pictures, interesting news bits. Even cats. :-) Other things people can do that mean a lot to Vonda: make sure your estate plans are up-to-date, especially their literary estate plans. Make donations to causes that mean something to you.

We will post updates from time to time. If you're local and want to help with anything, let us know what kind of help you're offering. If you're out of town and want to visit, let us know, and we'll find a place to put you up.

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