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Sep 20-26

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Last night marked the one year anniversary of Trevor's injury. It is hard to believe it has been a whole year without Trevor telling me about his hunting stories and upcoming football opponents.  I've really missed talking about the future and his college possibilities.  His help on the farm has been sorely missed as well as the conversations about the day's current events.  

As painful as these missed things have been, we do still get to see his determination during therapy, his loving care when he holds his baby sister, and his smile is becoming more common to see.  He did get to take the field one last time at the final regular season football game last Friday night, and I got to see his great smile as he was wheeled back to the sideline.  He knew he was in his element being on the football field one last time with his buddies.  

We have been humbled to be shown so much compassion and support from our families and friends as well as total strangers over the last year.  We will forever be grateful for everyone's kindness and help during the last year and the future as Trevor continues in his recovery. 

Anyone wishing to send Trevor an e-mail that goes directly to his iPad can send a message or video to   He really reacts and loves getting messages from people.  It really inspires and encourages him to receive these messages.

Nicole posted the following on Facebook last night while looking back at the last year...

One year... how is it possible it has been a whole year? Some days it feels like it just happened and other days it feels like forever
 I’m so proud of these three ... a mothers love is hard to explain for sure. We have all been through a lot, the ups and downs but Trevor shows us every day to never give up and never stop believing in Gods plan. Honestly there still isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t shed a tear... I long for the day when Trevor comes in and says “I love you momma” and gives me a big hug. But for now... I will thank God for every blessing he is giving us... Trevor has came so far showing us that every day miracles happen .. many times right in front of us.. we just have to take the time to see them. He can stand with assistance during ot and pt and has been eating more food everyday. Even the littlest things are miracles such as being able to watch him do a thumbs up or give someone the middle finger lol. He continues to prove to the “experts” wrong as I continually remind him we have God on our team We have been blessed with so much support from friends and family, community, and many far away that we have never met always giving us the extra boost of love just at the right time ... which is by no accident for sure. New relationships have formed with many whose lives would never have crossed with ours with out being part of Gods plan with Trevor I’m so proud of Mckaelyn and Karlie... they are such incredible young ladies and God has worked through them as well giving them the strength they need. The love and support I feel from TJ and the girls is something words cannot explain. Families have been brought closer. Our relationship with Kurt and Shana is a blessing as well... something so special in itself... looking back, I honestly know that it is God that is giving us all the strength and guidance each dayand I am so thankful how our relationship has grown with God. I believe there are more miracles to come and God will continue to heal Trevorlittle by little showing us all how to be better people, kinder to all-making a little difference in the lives of all that cross our path, and most importantly praying a little harder everyday and believing the God truly does work miracles.
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me “ Phil 4:13

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