Thoughts & Well Wishes

Lynn Butler | Jan 4, 2020
Trevor and family, I am just sitting and watching tv and thinking about how blessed we are. I read all the encouraging messages you are getting and want to add my prayers and encouragement to you too. Keep fighting and keep the faith that you guys are being supported! Blessing to you.
Belinda Holzer | Dec 18, 2019
His recovery is so similar to mine. Look ahead to the future don’t look back. Good things are coming. I started with the thickening of liquids too failed two swallow studies I now eat and drink what I want. I posted a picture of my head after they replaced my skull plate and one of me now. See there is a bright future for him. Suffer from slight memory loss but I am old enough to be trevors mom so that’s normal  still can’t drive and have vision problems and weakness on left side but that’s nothing compared to what the outcome could have been 
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