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Sep 13-19

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It’s always amazing how fast summer goes once we hit the 4th of July. We have been so grateful to get some really good caretakers and therapists to work with Trevor this summer.  Trevor has been continuing to work hard at his recovery.  Even though he is unable walk or talk yet, we have been able to do some summer activities with him now.  We finally made it to a youth baseball game and it was so great to see the kids that mean so much to Trevor to interact with him.  He has helped the kids with many activities and encouraged them the last few years.  It meant so much to us to now see these young kids coming up to him and encouraging him.
We did therapy in the city pool one day and he tolerated it and did really well for over an hour.   We are so lucky to have a facility like that to use.  
Trevor has always loved being on the water and we did get him and his wheelchair on a pontoon for some time on the lake as well. It was good to get him out there again, but I sure did miss pulling him on his wakeboard and seeing him do his jumps and tricks.  He had become a really good boat driver as well and we all enjoyed having him pull myself and the other kids around too. 
We are now starting some new treatments in Fargo.  He will begin doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy this week.  This involves Trevor laying in a chamber enriched with oxygen under pressure to allow the body to take in more oxygen to be delivered to damaged tissue to aid in healing this tissue. This procedure is FDA approved for about 13 different diagnoses, but injuries such as Trevor’s is not one of them.  However, there has been many testimonies and case studies showing improvements for head injuries and other conditions.  We have decided we need to give this a try even if it is not covered by health insurance, and there really aren’t any serious risks to the treatments if they are done appropriately.  We need to thank everyone again who has helped in any way to make this feasible to do. 
Trevor’s recovery is still a long and slow grind, but we do notice improvements in his strength and balance and awareness.  We continue to hope and pray his progress continues and he can some day give us all words of encouragement again like he is so good at.  

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