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May 24-30

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Wellllll ...... I had a bit of worry and concern to deal with because there are no more chemo dates on the appointment calendar. I've been praying and trying hard not to google the new 5/18 tests and results, choosing to remember that God has this, and we can't solve anything by worry., and the doctor knows what he's doing.  

Sooooo ...... at the video appointment today with Dr. McCollom, he said everything is abnormal, not unexpected, and not critical, and we'll continue the course of 8-12 treatments and you are over halfway there. He also said, no scans at this point will show anything because everything was removed, so adjuvent chemo continues. And Tom is a ROCKSTAR in the top 5% of how things are going for him. His next chemo is 6/1, and while it is ordered for some reason it missed being scheduled, so he's taking care of that. 

Thank you Lord that I don't have to deal with any new details, diagnosis, or conditions -- except his glucose, he did say to follow up with that and keep monitoring it more regularly. A little secret between you, me and Tom, is that we stopped and he had an XL latte prior to chemo Monday -- he is convinced that was the cause of his high glucose reading and if he watches his sugar and starch intakes, he'll be fine. He also had a 99F fever at the car but not enough to not have chemo and today at 5fu disconnect, it was normal. And, that, coupled with the higher wbc readings made me start feeling like maybe his body is fighting off an infection. Doctor doesn't think so .... his weight is up again, and he is hungry. He has a bit of fingertip neuropathy when he is outdoors under 60F and handles anything from the refrigerator. 

All in all a good report. He is still supposed to be isolating though and we did decide we needed some kid and grandkid time. He is chomping at the bit to go walleye fishing, and had a caught a few bluegill off our dock this weekend. He's planting our vegetable starts (thank you Mike and Tim), still cooking using the Epicure spices and has a bunch of new ones to experiment with this week, and steam cleaning the basement carpet (the rain played a bit of havoc as our drains aren't properly done in the backyard). He has his eye on throwing out all my "junk" and renovating while he's got time on his hands. I reminded him my "junk" is fine and he can eliminate his "junque" and while renovating would be nice, it'll have to be done on the cheap. If the weather would just warm up a bit, he could get out metal detecting and not have so much down time available. Oh, and we're working on getting him an actual hair cut. 

Thank you all for checking in on us. We so appreciate all the prayers and praises. Love and Hugs!!! 

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