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Site created on December 29, 2019

Thank you for supporting Tom and our family by checking in here for updates, praises and prayer concerns. 

July 19, 2022: Tom passed on to eternity.
January, 2022: continued maintenance and palliative chemo for Stage 4 Ampullary cancer, currently NED. 
May 2021: still fighting. 
Update 9/30/2020: Lung nodule surgery on 11/6/2020, followed chemo.  
Update 3/17/2020: Whipple procedure performed 2/13/2020; chemo commenced 3/5/20 and the plan is every other week for 8-12 cycles. 

In November 2019, Benadryl wasn't controlling the itching, which was internal, and the first blood draw was done that showed negative for hepatitis and elevated liver levels. Soon after, Dr Egli referred us to Dr. Sharma at Parkview Oncology and several procedures were done as needed to open up the bile duct, introduce pancreas enzymes, reduce bilirubin levels, control the itching, etc. And, Tom lost 20 more pounds. All was well for a couple of weeks until the itching and jaundice returned at Christmas. another procedure, this time with the Spyglass equipment and Dr Sharma was able to observe and biopsy abnormal cells. The tumor review board covened and agreed Tom needs the bile duct Ampulla removed (Whipple procedure) and we will meet with Dr. from IU Health, Indianapolis, for that procedure .....
thank you for following along and praying.

In August 2019, Tom started breaking out with hives whenever he ate. We thought it was likely a food allergy and he stopped gluten and lost 10 pounds, but still had bouts of hives here and there.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Lea-Ann McGregor

As I move into month four with Tom not here, I have to say it is not what I expected or dreamed life would be like at all. You know how you have expectations based on other people's experiences, but I'm reminded no two journeys are the same. We are all unique. I try and listen, if anyone needs an ear, without expectation, judgment or advice. Many times I remind myself, participate, don't anticipate.

Yesterday I came across Mark from Casting Crowns talking about the story behind his songs. Especially meaningful since that is one of the last concerts Tom and I went to. It was powerful watching Tom claim healing in Jesus. And, as I remember his last words ... I'll be with you, thank you Jesus. It prompted me to write you all here and share a bit more. 

I spend a lot of time remembering Tom, sharing how he made me laugh on Facebook, praying for our kids and grandkids, and wondering what God has for me in the future. I don't spend a lot of time, just a little, thinking about what Tom is missing out on. And then I remember exactly what Mark talks about in this video:, at the 2:22 point if you want to skip through, and focus on where Tom is now and what a wonderful homecoming it was for him. 

I want to thank each and every one of you for reaching out, praying, or just being there for me, the family and friends. I'd love a call (260-499-0406), visit or remembrance.  As Tom said, spend each day with no regrets. Live, Love, Laugh! 

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