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Site created on April 27, 2019

On the morning of March 6, 2019, Clearwater school teacher Kimberly Tobias, daughter Morgan (14), son Caleb (13), and foreign exchange student Didrik (17), were on their way to school when their Toyota Corolla was T-boned by a Ford Expedition, leaving them severely injured.  The Ford Expedition had been traveling at a high rate of speed when its driver failed to observe a stop sign.  (News Article (https://www.kwch.com/content/news/Emergency-crews-working-crash-in-southwest-Sedgwick-County-506758231.html)) Meanwhile, Kim’s husband, Aaron, was overseas when he learned that his entire family had been in the accident and then endured 32 hours of travel to get home. 

Kim, Caleb, and Didrik sustained critical injuries and Morgan had serious injuries.  By God’s grace, all of them survived the accident.  Morgan was able to transition her recovery from the hospital to home after just over a day in the hospital, while Didrik required an extensive surgery and a week-long stay in the ICU.  With sixteen different broken bones, including severe compound fractures requiring three reconstructive surgeries so far and six blood transfusions, Kim has exceeded all expectations and after 23 days in the hospital is now on the road to recovery at home with the help of family and friends.  Kim still faces at least one additional surgery and the challenge of learning to walk again after more than three months in a wheelchair.

While Kim, Morgan, & Didrik make solid progress in their recoveries at home, Caleb remains in the Pediatric ICU (PICU) fighting for his life, as he has yet to regain consciousness. After sustaining massive facial and cranial injuries and pelvic fractures, a series of miraculous interventions, eight blood transfusions, five surgeries (with at least two more planned), and many answers to prayer have lifted him to a slow, steady improvement as he continues to show signs of progress. Although his prognosis is uncertain, what is certain is that the road to recovery is very long.  While we look forward to Caleb returning to his vibrant spirited young personality, he is expected to remain in the PICU for another few weeks, then he will likely transfer to a pediatric neurological rehabilitation hospital hundreds of miles away for an unknown length of time.

Please pray for the Tobias family, as they continue to be sustained through these extreme trials by the restorative power of prayer through our Savior Jesus Christ.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Aaron & Kim Tobias

I've heard the phrase many times over the years, and I've even been guilty of saying it myself around the end of December: "I'm so glad this horrible year is ending, and I can't wait to get a fresh start in the New Year. This next year has to be better than last." I'm hoping for a better "normal," one that fits my desired lifestyle, is without struggle, and is packed with fun for me and my family. This mentality has even led me to make New Year's resolutions in the hope that I can affect a change that will improve the year's happenings.

There are a few problems with my logic, though. First, it assumes that I'm in control of the events in my life. Second, it sends the message that if I do all the "right" things, that my year will be without troubles. Third, it sets me up for disappointment and anger when things threaten to change my "normal." Finally, it leaves no room for God's plan, provision, or promises to be fulfilled in my life.

The long and short of it is that my view of what life should look like is not necessarily God's view. He has bigger plans than I do. This begs the question: is my faith in myself or Him?

It takes me almost no effort to list what's not "normal" right now, and I tend to grumble about and even mourn what's "not the way it used to be." The problem about this is that I'm looking backward and not forward. Doggonit, I can't see the future! 

But I do know Who does know the future, and wants to walk with me to it. "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11.

As far as "normal" goes, who's to say that what I envision is best? I'm much like the Israelites who had been liberated from Egypt by Moses. Even though they had a visual cue from God that guided them daily, they still complained that slavery in Egypt was better than walking in the desert. Can't say I blame them...at least they knew what to expect. When at the doorstep of the Promised Land, they sent spies in to see what they were walking into, and ten of the twelve sent gave their opinion that they couldn't take the land. The land was, indeed, filled with amazing natural resources, but giants lived there. Our Caleb's namesake from the Bible and one other guy remembered God's promise and said, "Let's trust God and obey His charge to enter the land because He is with us." The threat of what could happen in the future did not deter him, because his God was bigger and greater. 

"The LORD is with us." It's not because of anything I can do, but because of what God can do. And, he already knows the future! It's Him who provides us with the necessities to move forward. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13.

So, Caleb Tobias is helping me remember what Caleb from Numbers has to say about my "normal." I don't know what tomorrow holds, but if I keep my gaze fixed on God, I can trust that my New Year will be a good one, no matter what may come, because He is with me. "I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33.

Looking back, I can see God's fingerprints everywhere on our 2019. I have no reason not to trust Him with my life in 2020. My "resolution" this year is to understand and acknowledge that He is with me and let Him do the heavy lifting. I just have to trust and obey. "For we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." Roman's 8:28.

Some answers to prayer:

*Caleb's doing fantastic with school. He's even tackling some extracurricular activities like Scholars Bowl and Jazz Band.

*He's part of the basketball team this year. While he's technically a manager, he not doing much managing, but more physical training. He's running, doing pushups, and weight lifting as much as he can during practice. He enjoys working alongside his teammates.

*His memory continues to improve, as does his ability to get around.

*Morgan earned a spot in the school play! She's also doing double duty with Jazz Band, as she goes with Caleb twice a week before school, and does high school jazz, too.

*Kim is healing well, gaining more flexibility and strength as she works out with Caleb at basketball practice as much as she can.

Continued prayer requests:

*Caleb's brain healing and vision restoration.

*Caleb's second facial reconstruction surgery this summer (date TBD).

*Pray for Caleb's friends and peers. It's difficult for them to know how to include him in daily activities.

*Pray for all of us to find the joy in the journey by focusing our attention on God, and to resist the urge to mourn what was or what could have been.
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