Thoughts & Well Wishes

Kim Hermann | Nov 27, 2019
I hope you don’t mind me following. I saw your story from a tv station in Omaha. I live near Hastings NE. My brother 22 years ago suffered a closed brain injury and had all the bones in his face broken.  Along with many other bodily injuries. He was crossing the street and was hit by a speeding car at 60mph. Anyway we sent him (he was 23) to a place in Carbondale,IL that does wonderful work. He lives on his own. Can drive and although his life will never be like it was or could have been. He is happy and does well for all he has been through. Please know I’m praying for continued recovery. Every days a blessing. And I will be thrilled to watch Caleb’s  accomplishments  God has plans for him. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas. 
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Anne Tobias-Becker | Jul 12, 2019
Thank you so much for all the updates and progress reports. We have been watching closely and think of you all often. All of you have come through so much, and our hearts are with you as the next surgery approaches. We are wishing you well along the way...So happy to see your super support team there! 💖
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Pam Severson | Jun 14, 2019
Dear Tobias Family, 
I saw your Dad/Grandpa Roger today and when I asked what they had been up to he gave me the address to your Caring Bridge. You are in an incredible place at Madonna, the Sullivan Family was there with their son Tanner. it was an uphill climb, but the whole Family together, with God's love, have helped Tanner to where he is today. I pray it brings you together as a family and Caleb rises and does everything that he wants to, knowing that he will exceed everyone's expectations!! My thoughts and prayers are with you all. You got this!!! #calebstrong
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Bradley Houck | Jun 7, 2019
Caleb- I believe your 'walk' yesterday was no coincidence taking place June 6. Seventy five years ago, many great Americans stood up against a formidable enemy and prevailed on the beaches of Normandy. This year, you chose to stand on the very same day; a great young man standing (prevailing AND walking) against many obstacles also- well done! Continued prayers for healing and strength to carry you through in the days ahead. You can (and ARE) doing this!
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