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Feb 28-Mar 06

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This past week has been another good one for Theo! He is continuing to adjust well to being home & is honestly thriving!

We had a couple zoom meetings this week to assess Theo for in home occupational therapy services. They said Theo is doing great for his adjusted age (one month) & has skills mastered for that age. He is even working on skills you’d see in a 2-3 month old, so they are very happy with that. They will be meeting with us once a week going forward. Theo also had his hernia consult appointment. The doctor confirmed he will need surgery (which we already knew), but he wants to wait till Theo is on 1/16 of a liter of oxygen before he operates. At this point his hernias are still looking / feeling okay so they are able to wait. Today I got a call from his new Nurse Practitioner for her weekly check in  & she was pleased to hear how he’s been doing. She wants us to adjust his oxygen on Sunday to 1/8 of a liter from the 1/4 that he’s currently on. There’s always a chance he may have to go back up but we are very hopeful!

In addition to all his appointments Theo has a lot of fun this week. He got so many snuggles from his family, got to experience his first movie night, went on a few walks for the first time, had lots of visitors (we have the best extended families), & even got to go to his Aunties & one of our friends’ houses while we all hung out together.

Theo also turned 3 months old this week, we could hardly believe it! We are beyond proud of our little guy & everything he has accomplished. He amazes us every day & is seriously such a good baby! He is very sweet, loving, cuddly, & has recently started cooing which is the best. We are so thankful to have him home with us & are thoroughly enjoying every minute (even the ones at 3am haha).

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