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Journal entry by Ty Davis

Thank you for everything. All of your prayers and support. 

Ty had a rough moment last night but had an awesome day. We are still on precaution isolation. Even with that in place it has been a long day with lots of people visiting as we are able to with all the stuff going on. We were video chatting all day. 

The results of the ultrasound showed that there is no fluid. Such a relief. The stem cell collection is now going to be between June 4th and the 8th when Ty is expected to be ready. 

Ty had so much energy today. I was getting angry with Physical Therapy for pushing him so hard today. Ty needed a break but was told only a short one but not the time to get a snack. Ty was hungry and was worn out but kept pushing through but didn't feel like eating afterwards. 

Just staying the course right now. Ty did finally eat something for dinner. Half a plain cheese sandwich with a few pickles on the side and half a small bag of potato chips. Just seeing him eat that much. 

Looks like Ty will be needing a transfusion sometime soon. His white cell count is going up very fast but his hemoglobin and platelets are going down. It's nothing to worry about and Ty is doing great. 

It was absolutely amazing to see Ty's face light up when he got to see Omen on a video chat. Gigi you are so fantastic!!! 💙💙💙 Ty was so excited for Omen to have a loose tooth. He is beyond ready to start playing with his friends again even if it is just online for now. 

All the amazing people that have been helping and reaching out we couldn't do this without you. You have helped to remind me to reach out and also encourage others. 

A kind word can change an entire day for the better. Today many of you did this for me and I am forever grateful to all of you. We love and miss all of you. 

Please keep praying for Ty and us. 
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