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Journal entry by Steven McGee

I walked the Heart of the Rocks trail today from the visitor center after driving up to the Massai Point lookout to scatter Tammy Sue Lee's ashes. During Tammy's great Amazon buying binge of 2017 (too big of a dose of a steroid imo), Tammy ordered solar return astrology readings -- a reading for the sun's position a year later for me, herself and her book club buddy Jean - hence the reason I was set on scattering Tammy's ashes a year to the day from her passing. Yesterday I did the Echo Canyon loop from the upper parking lot (s). We did a combo of both back in the day -- early 90's...

Driving into Bonita Canyon to the visitor center today, three deer ran into the park. After I finished scattering Tammy's ashes, one of the three deer walked out in front of me and stood on the road and looked at me forcing me to stop the car. One of the other deer in this little herd stopped running into the woods and came back to see what the deer standing in the middle of the road was doing. The name Chirichahua's means "Land of the Standing Up Rocks".

Juan, who is a Shaman Healer Chiropractor who migrated north from central America from a large family to the USA who retired from IBM said years ago that one of Tammy's tasks in this life was to speak her voice and stand up for herself (paraphrasing). She did in the most powerful way possible - by few words and her ACTIONS. Her astrological fate entry in a book at the A.R.E. Atlantic Research Center for Enlightenment Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce Center states (paraphrasing) that through compassion and selfless support of others, Tammy could change the world.

Many years ago, in a energy balancing / healing session, Rev K said that her guides told her that the spirit behind the Heart Beacon Cycle project we've worked on all these years is Great Deer. I will post the slide cover that I presented at the e9-1-1 in the Heartland (Indianapolis In) on Tammy's web page on in one of the Medium dot com sites I've been working on and the tribute.https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/tammymcgee/photos

Coincidentally, driving into the park, my seatbelt was fastened but the seatbelt sensor was beeping and blinking as if it were not.  I set and reset the seatbelt but the sensor wouldn't quit blinking and beeping forcing me to stop the car and turn off the engine to reset the seatbelt...

LINK https://www.spirit-animals.com/deer-symbolism/

LINK https://www.spirit-animals.com/buffalo-symbolism/ />
LINK https://medium.com/@heart.beacon.cycle/tammer-the-hammer-3d76460a50f9
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