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Journal entry by Steven McGee

Tammy's family owned the Golden Rule Mines in the Dragoon Mountains in Arizona. They also owned and operated the Dragoon General Store and the Post Office.  The legacy of the Dragoon Mine and it's drain on Grampa's savings was part of the Lee family estate along with the Benson Hotel that many colorful characters had stayed as evidenced by the Hotel records keeping in mind that Tombstone Arizona was nearby and the Benson Hotel was located near a railroad stop.  Tammy's mother's brothers -- both engineers, one of them being an electrical engineer ended up selling the mine under conditions of duress.  Pursuing gold in what was 30 years ago the last active gold mine in Arizona depleting the family's resources was a topic I often listened to over the years.  

The point of bringing up the Golden Rule Mines and Tammy's Grandpa is that when he passed at age 95, Tammy's mother consulted a man from central America who moved to the United States to retire from IBM who to this day does Shamanistic work in Tucson -- or did up to very recently not because he needed the money however, he did so because his spirit guides bugged him to use his gifts.  Juan .. a.k.a. "Juanbo the Spiritual Rambo" as I called him said that Grandpa Lee was "learning to do things with his mind" instead of physically with his hands.  Grandpa Lee was a very hands on guy running the General Store and working out at the mine etc.  There is a book (that my sister Paula was aware of) called the Kybalion that "The Universe is Mental — held in the Mind of THE ALL." — The Kybalion

The point of bringing up the Golden Rule Mine this morning is that another Shaman associated from the Circle of the Sacred Earth that Tammy vectored me to and I often mention stated that "money is energy like any thing else".  What we focus on or devote our energy and mental focus on defines our existence or at least the current incarnation -- in my opinion.  The so what of this is prior to going to sleep last night, I was wondering what Tammy was doing.  This morning about an hour ago, I woke up from a dream where I was observing Tammy from a distance and within the same scenario (s) her visualizing and interacting with a kaleidoscope of images whirling in a vortex (when zoomed out) and individual scenes that were like acts in a play when zooming into the whirling vortex of spinning images.  I was part of some of the acts and scenes and not part of others.  Tammy and I did not directly interact. I was shown a representation of what she is doing or is a part of in the now -- outside our time and space of course.  FYI, for what it's worth :)

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