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Journal entry by Robbie Quinn

Hi friends - this is Robbie, Tallu's husband. Tallu had been so consistent with her words and updates for a while here, but lately her inspiration is coming in bits and pieces, and it's been hard for her and us to put it all together here.  Recently she has been extra tired and spends her days in bed or around the house. Last night she ventured down the street, along with her mom Sarah, to see Lulah perform in her final night of theater dance class. Even with being so low-energy, her days have physically been fairly steady, though she now often gets so overwhelmed in conversation and confused in her thoughts that it becomes difficult for her to see people or use her phone. It may be me, Margo, and other friends and family who contribute updates here for the time being.

And, Tallu and I are also in the process of removing some of her posts here because, fortunately, they are going to be used in a book that she's been working on officially since this June. It is scheduled to publish in April, and you can see a very early description of it here!

This space of community and support, though, has been such an amazing outlet and comfort for her over the last 16 months, and we want to honor and celebrate everyone's involvement here. We know that removing some posts will also remove many wonderful comments, and, I don't know if this is true for y'all too, but we're able to make a copy of the site for personal use so that she can read y'all's words (or have them read to her) once we have to delete things in a week (although the book will have it all, and much more).

She has worked so hard on this book and is so excited to be telling lots of her stories. When she was in prime writing mode, she would listen to new chapters on her phone at night and then dictate thoughts and paragraphs back into the phone for someone to double-check the next day (even without the daily work of her job, and with half of her field of vision gone, there is no slowing her down).  And her dad, her mom, Margie, Sally, Margo, Viki, Bonnie, Aaron, and many others have been so helpful at guiding her with this project.

I wanted to include a picture of a painting that her mom just finished that is sitting on Tallu's bedside table. She loves it so much, and for what this brain tumor has been for her, it means so much to her. Love y'all.

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