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Journal entry by Robbie Quinn

Good morning everyone - yesterday was Easter for us, and it was also 2 months since Tallu died. It doesn't seem very long ago, but it also seems like it happened in another lifetime. We are all managing in our own ways. The other day Thomas said, "I wish I could just facetime with Mommy right now," a feeling I really understood. We are thankful that Tallu's mom and some friends are coming into town to recognize the release of Tallu's book tomorrow. Most of the time lately I don't have words for anything, but knowing that Tallu left this journal here, and that she constructed a book from all of these words and more, helps me feel assured that she helped us find the words for what happened and what's happening.

I left all the journal posts here over the last 4 months because it seemed like such a full, rich space to share about Tallu, and for her to finish sharing with us (although I don't think that will stop any time soon). Today, though, I'll have to delete some posts, only the ones that overlap with the book that's premiering tomorrow. I'll keep each page up for people to read comments, and I'll try to post the titles of the book chapters that correspond to each post.

We are so excited for her book debut, for me mainly because she was so focused on finishing it, and now seems like a nice time for a reunion with her community. A really special article was just written here about grief, death, and the role of books like Tallu's, another beautiful piece composed by Margaret Renkl, who will also be reading at the event tomorrow night. There's also a special reflection by the audiobook narrator, who happens to be going through her own cancer journey, about the process of reading Tallu's book (and an amazing coincidence). And, besides the book event tomorrow night (which, if you can't go or get a ticket for in-person, will be available as a livestream), there will also be a radio program at noon (CT) on WPLN (90.3) about Tallu. As Lulah said the other day, "gosh another event?!" (which echoed with me too). But then our sweet friend Jessica reflected that people just aren't ready to stop remembering Tallu in these ways.

I will just say one last thing about this community here: I think her confidence in her writing, her book idea, and the whole process of how she was reflecting on her treatment and her death were all inspired by the support she received here. Thank you for coming together, dedicating your time, and loving her in this way. Take care, Robbie.

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