Thoughts & Well Wishes

Jack and Carol Nuismer | 19 hours ago
When my parents were dating as seniors in high school, they would squeeze each other's hand three times as a silent way of saying, "I love you".  They continued this habit with us as we grew up, squeezing our hands to let us know that they loved and supported us.  And, we use it with each other.  We have passed on our parents' tradition to our children and to their children...and have all appreciated the unspoken comfort it brings.

In the quiet beauty of this snowy Sunday... you, your family and your circle of loved ones are thought of and prayed for.  As I was praying, I pictured the falling snow being like manna...believing that God was making provision from Heaven, for what was needed for today, for both of you and for each one that you love. 

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Adele Tyler | Jan 3, 2022

You are in my prayers, Tallu and Robbie, and all of the Schuyler and Quinn families, every day, as I pray for you to feel the love and support that comes your way.  May the "peace that passes understanding" sustain you and give you strength as we enter this new year. 

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Leann Barron | Jul 20, 2020
Darling Tallu, I have been blessed to be a close recipient of your light since you were born.  You continue to be a blessing to Jay and me, cousin Lillie and Daniel, and the little girls.  We are so very thankful for you and sending HUGE healing prayers and love to you as you set out on this unexpected journey.  We are here to provide any support to the family in the way of babysitting, garden watering, little errands that we can do for you Robbie and the children.  it's easy for us to run over to the house.  we are just a text or a phone call away. We love you and treasure you so much.  love to beautiful Sarah Tallu, Thom and your brothers.  we are here for you!  Leann and Jay.  xoxoxoxox
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