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Thank you for visiting. Welcome to my Caring Bridge Website page. This is for my kids, to have a story to tell, and to learn the truth in the days when I'm not around. I'm so grateful for an online platform that allows this kind of updating for FREE. Currently, I'm working on logging the past and my story so I'm dating all the titles of the journal entries. 

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Journal entry by Stephanie Smokovich

Laying there, in isolation, with earplugs & a towel wrapped up around my head and then the mask/cage for the MRI is terrifyingly lonely. Today was that day. I find peace during the MRIs by praying and meditating throughout to the Lord. I constantly find myself going through the worst case scenarios and then the best case scenarios. Every time my eyes well up with tears and as they stream down my face I'm unable to move and wipe them away. The irony of how the silence and isolation, yet the loudness of the MRI's beeps and shakes really brings me to the Lord's feet. 

Please Lord help me make it through this MRI. Thank you for bringing me to this day and for life. Thank you for allowing me more time on this Earth. Help show me the way, guide me there and surround me with love and support. Please forgive me for ever doubting you. I pray for Steven's strength as he is my rock and guides me through the roughest of days.

I also find myself thinking so much of Nano too. I know he's watching over and cheering me on.

My scans today were great the Dr. said. (Whatever "great" means---I know it means no growth or advances in the tumor, but still how can a scan of my brain be great?!) To me, I hear that I have life for another 3 months. But today he said 4! All in all it was a great dr. visit! No chemo during December and four months until my next MRI. All good news :) I suppose that was my "Christmas gift" from him :) to not have me fatigued and tired during the week of Christmas. 

I'm trying my best to recover from She Loves Color, and yet Chemotherapy week has me very weak and exhausted. I'm so grateful for the time I have here on Earth and the impact I can make to help be a witness to the Lord's kingdom. I am a walking miracle.
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