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Thank you for visiting. Welcome to my Caring Bridge Website page. This is for my kids, to have a story to tell, and to learn the truth in the days when I'm not around. I'm so grateful for an online platform that allows this kind of updating for FREE. Currently, I'm working on logging the past and my story so I'm dating all the titles of the journal entries. 

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Journal entry by Stephanie Smokovich

Now that I have a week's worth of chemotherapy under my belt, it's time to enjoy the holidays! Many of you don't know that I'm still taking chemotherapy; There's a good chance that I might take it as long as I am living, or at least as long as my body can tolerate it. It seems that every time I go to the Doctor things change, as far as medications and routines, so I go in now very open minded. Such is medicine I guess. The chemotherapy I am taking is for preventative purposes, so that hopefully my tumor grows very slowly. So far it's working. But then again, I don't know that it is actually working because I believe that God is working in me and on me everyday. 

Segway into God. It is his Son's birthday very soon. Jesus has lived a perfect life, so that I can be saved and that I have a place in heaven. It is for this reason that I am not afraid of dying - it's a reality for all of us. But what I am afraid of is leaving my husband, my precious kids, my family and friends behind. But, for the rest of December (and hopefully my life) I am going to focus my heart and my mind on Jesus and his saving grace. In our house we have been celebrating Him all month long by devotions each night. Well, Hunter and I at least (and sometimes Ruby & Daddy) with an Advent calendar sent home by Hunter's preschool teacher. I love every minute of my quiet time with Hunter and all the moments with Jesus. 

So, while, yes, there might feel for many of us (mothers mostly) there are 1230984023985029358 things to do, remember the real reason for the season. If there's a perfect gift you can't find, or the perfect wrap job isn't quite right, or the elf didn't move one night, or you didn't have a chance to pick up a gift for your neighbor.....IT'S OKAY. God's got you. Be still and know. Just give love.

Side note about a memory that was triggered earlier this month. While driving Hunter to school on the radio came the song "The 12 Days of Christmas". I told Hunter all about when I was little my sisters and my parents took us to my grandpa and grandma's house (who have since passed away) on Christmas Eve every year. It was tradition that all the aunts and uncles (my dad comes from a decent size family-he's one of 5) would pick a # out of a hat/bowl that would be passed around. Whatever number they got is the part of the song they sang of "The 12 Days of Christmas". No matter how well or terrible they sung, they did. And what I remember most is that whomever picked the "5 Golden Rings" hated it every. single. year. Still to this day....30-some years later, that's what I remember about Christmas Eve. Our family singing the "12 Days of Christmas!" 

So...let that be a lesson in not letting the month pass you by, because once December 26th comes it will all be over. And all the money spent with be gone, but the family memories and moments you make will last in your heart forever.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
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