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Thank you for visiting. Welcome to my Caring Bridge Website page. This is for my kids, to have a story to tell, and to learn the truth in the days when I'm not around. I'm so grateful for an online platform that allows this kind of updating for FREE. Currently, I'm working on logging the past and my story so I'm dating all the titles of the journal entries. 

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Journal entry by Stephanie Smokovich

Losing my hair, that is.

This morning before getting into the shower and then while in the shower clumps were in my hands. I'm scared and afraid. The doctor thought I would only experience thinning but I'm afraid of what I saw this morning. I'm afraid of losing my hair. My hair has always been "my thing"---even back in high school my friends nicknamed me "bush" because of my big hair. And now...I am losing it. 

It's so hard to explain the emotional feeling of it. It seems so superficial, but it's terribly scary and sad. I know my hair doesn't define me, but it's always been my thing. 


Like clumps in my hands.

Falling out...
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Darlene Topping | May 7, 2018
I am praying that all goes well for you.  Being a retired nurse I have a perspective of what you are going through. I hope your care givers keep up  with your care with compassion, and are gentle. Praying for you and your family.  You are such a strong woman.  Hang in there . 
Wanda Colangelo | May 6, 2018
I'm a nurse....I know from that perspective what you are going through and how difficult it is to trust complete strangers with your health care. I pray that all those involved in your care are compassionate, gentle, well informed and professional. I pray that you have decades and decades of joy ahead of you as you raise your children. 
Susan Bullock | Apr 18, 2018
I only know you through your paper lines and you don't know me at all.  Just wanted you to know that your strength and even your weak moments inspire so many that you may never know.  I admire you and through your journey stay strong and know you are loved by so many. May God bless you during this chapter of your journey.
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Janna Landis | Apr 16, 2018
Hey there cute gal. Being on the fringe, I had no idea the scary extent of what you were/are dealing with, other than what you post publicly. I continue to think about you daily and send you (and your Mr & babies) love, hugs and strength to keep moving forward. 💕