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Nov 22-28

This Week

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Our dear friends,


We have some sweet praises to share with you. 


Last week was the first week since June that my precious (uncomplaining) husband did not have a single medical appointment or procedure—no blood draws, tests, treatments, etc. Many weeks he has had three or four or more, so this was a lovely respite. 


Apart from increased tiredness and dizziness (which we were told would likely be the case), Robert has continued to tolerate the chemo well.

He had a PET scan this morning—an answer to prayer, as our insurance company agreed to cover it. 

We did not anticipate getting the results back until next week. This morning Robert said, “Regardless of what the scan shows, we’re going to trust and praise the Lord.”


Much to our surprise, we received a voice mail this afternoon from nurse Jennifer letting us know that “the results look great“ and “Dr. Douce is very pleased.” We’ll get more details when we meet with the doctor next Wednesday, before chemo #4 on Thursday (Nov 5). This good news brought forth much rejoicing in our home and another post it note on the gratitude wall! 


When we prayed together tonight, Robert thanked the Lord for our many praying friends all around the world—“It’s like having gifts piled up around the tree on Christmas morning,” he said. We feel so richly blessed and wonderfully buoyed by your encouragement and prayers. We could not be more grateful. 


We are also mindful of others we know who are suffering pain, loss, and discouraging test results at this time and who are choosing to cling to Christ, even when the outcome is not that for which they have prayed, believing that God is still good and worthy of their trust. They are making the gospel believable to all those around them. 


We pray for them—and for you:


“May the Lord give strength to His people;

may the Lord bless His people with peace.” (Psalm 29:11)


Even as the foundations of our world are shaking in this season, we join you in proclaiming with confidence and joy:


Heaven rules. 



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