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Jul 05-11

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The stitches came out, the bandage came off, and we got our first look at Robert’s new ear at his post op appointment in Grand Rapids today. It looks a little beat up and there is still a bit of a process ahead, but he has an earlobe again—a work of art! Dr Timek, our plastic surgeon, was really pleased with the outcome. She is still hopeful that Robert may not need another surgery. He will have another followup appointment in a month. We met another doctor today who told us it could take 6-12 months before the ear totally heals. The body is an amazing creation of God. Thank you, again, for the gift of your love and prayers. 


Today was quite a day. A major storm pummeled our area last night and we woke up this morning with no electrical power. We ran into an unusual, major traffic snarl on the way to Grand Rapids and again on the return this evening. 

This morning I received a text from a
friend whose nine-year-old, dearly-loved, special needs child died unexpectedly during the night. This afternoon another friend texted me asking for prayer for a grandchild who just found out that his brain tumor is growing. 

The backdrop of COVID flare-ups in a number of states, restaurants and retailers awkwardly trying to reopen, moms trying to figure out what to do with their kids while they are having to be at work all day, a flailing economy, intense political warfare, the memorial service for the tragically-murdered George Floyd, seething unrest and anger throughout the country ... it all makes our few problems pale in comparison. 

So many are hurting deeply and are mired in the fallout of sin in this broken world. Truly, apart from Christ, life is worse than hopeless. But thanks to Christ, we are the bearers of Good News. Everywhere we go, we take with us the fragrance of Jesus—His life, death, burial, and glorious resurrection. 

Robert and I are blessed beyond anything we deserve—in matters of eternal significance, as well as so many temporal concerns. Among them, Robert who has spent the last five nights trying to sleep upright in his recliner, is beyond grateful to be sleeping in our bed tonight. Thanks be to God. 

Heaven rules. Our Father is good. 

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