Thoughts & Well Wishes

Georgina McLaughlin | 3 hours ago
Thank you for your amazing testimony.  If i could offer words of encouragement i think of two psalms 23 and 121.  Both these psalms have served me in my difficult times as a caregiver for cancer and as a caner patient myself.  I believe it is an honor that God as selected us as we serve on both sides of the same coin.  We have experienced caring for people with caner as well as experience cancer ourselves.  What a journey and so special to our Lord...Glory to God!  Praying for both you and Nancy.  
Kaitlyn Dykema | 15 hours ago
Hello Robert and Nancy. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I was really glad to hear about the good news about Robert, and to know that you have been there every step of the way, and he has really good nurses and doctors as well, and lots of people that care not just about him but for your whole family as well and to know that you can really Trust God to write your story and you both are amazing people that not only love other people as well but you have that love for God and is word as well. Heaven Rules and May you and Robert have a Merry Christmas. Christ is King.🙏 
tex tippit | 15 hours ago
Nancy & Robert,
* Thank you both for continuing to share your hearts and letting us know how to "stand in the gap" for ya'll.  
* You both have been an inspiration to many of us...that God IS in control...and is using this situation in the lives of many people.
~tex tippit
Jesus Loves You!💕
Melody Proemmel | Mar 25, 2020
I am thankful for this opportunity to extend concern and prayers for Robert's health and for peace for Robert & Nancy.  As soon as I heard Nancy mention the diagnosis on the Revive Our Hearts broadcast, I started praying and wished even in that initial moment that there would be a way to share my well wishes, so I'm glad that I can do so through this format.
I have no magic words to make everything all better, but just wanted to pray that the Lord will continue to be glorified in and through your lives together.  Sometimes the most painful circumstances can be the greatest platform of ministry.
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