Keep up the good fight with your eyes on the prize.
Jackie Larson | Jun 21, 2017
Cancer sucks plain and simple truth. While I can't physically be with you, I am with you in my heart and spirit. Hugs cuz
Shari McGlasson | Mar 18, 2017
You are in our thoughts, love, and prayers, Rita.
Jackie Larson | Jan 23, 2017
Think of you often. Love, Tor
Rita Heine | Jun 15, 2016
Dearest Rita a true. Friend is a gift of God. Thank you for your non judgemental true loving kindness. You are amazing. Love Todd and Amy
Amy g | May 2, 2014
Cheers to you honor of your perseverance, smile and ability to make the best of it... even on the bad days.
Mark & Carla Stewart | Dec 31, 2011