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I have been diagnosed with metastatic/stage 4/terminal breast cancer. 

May 3, 2010  it was discovered that I had small nodules between the lining and lung sack on my right side.

We returned to U of MN Cancer Clinic for treatment.

The cancer has continued to stay there and as also moved to some lymph nodes in the chest area and now to the liver.

I have been on eight different drug treatments.  I stay on the drug(s) until they appear to stop working, do scans, if results are stable treatment continues, if progression of cancer then change drug treatment, repeat, repeat, repeat.  There is no cure, so this continues until all treatment options have been tried or the side effects become too difficult.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Rita Young

During this pandemic it’s been hard to find the right time to do an update.
No time like the present.

Just the cancer facts are farther down the page.

 I have been isolated at home since March 14th.  I go out once a month to the cancer clinic for treatment. The only person to touch me besides Keith are the nurses in the infusion center. Even the cancer clinic doctors & nurses talk to me on the phone.  I will not be having any scans unless the bloodwork indicates I need it.  Even exposure to people in the waiting room there could be deadly for me.

If I were to contact COVID-19 I would not survive it. Lung damage often happens before symptoms are present. This is hard to live with, but it is my reality. I am one of many people in the population that this is true for.

During the Winter months we were mostly isolated due to the flu. So many people do not stay home when they are sick, maybe this will change now.

A cure or a vaccine is what is needed and WOW are they working on that fast.  I will be here at home until those smart scientists figure this thing out.

 May 3rd was a cancerversary, 10 years since I was diagnosed with stage IV/metastatic(terminal) breast cancer. Keith wanted to celebrate, but one more at home celebration was more than I could take. So, the day passed by quietly. Again, with the pandemic, surviving cancer doesn’t always feel like a win.


Just the cancer facts:

IV chemo currently working well, my hair is growing back and the tumors and cancer cells are shrinking (according to current bloodwork).

I am able to eat more of the foods I like, sometimes even tasting them.

Treatment is by IV, once a month at the cancer clinic on the U of MN campus in Minneapolis.

There are many new opportunities for connection in the virtual world and I have been able to connect with others there.  However, my lymphedema treatments don’t work on-line, but most of the other appointments do.

Living where we are continues to be WONDERFUL. All the animals seem to be out and about here, ending with a visit from the bear two nights ago.

We have seen ducks, geese, swans, deer, muskrat, snapping turtle, many other winged animals, and of course the reason we live here, fish.

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