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I have been diagnosed with metastatic/stage 4/terminal breast cancer. 

May 3, 2010  it was discovered that I had small nodules between the lining and lung sack on my right side.

We returned to U of MN Cancer Clinic for treatment.

The cancer has continued to stay there and as also moved to some lymph nodes in the chest area.

I have been on four different drug treatments.  I stay on the drug(s) until they appear to stop working, do scans, if results are stable treatment continues, if progression of cancer then change drug treatment, repeat, repeat, repeat.  There is no cure, so this continues until all treatment options have been tried or the side effects become too difficult.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Rita Young

Since my last post we've been on "vacation", enjoyed mostly amazing weather and I have continued on same treatment plan.

Still on oxygen and weaning off of rehab. Have an appointment with a pulmonologist in Sept for a more detailed perspective.

I am more fatigued now, on this treatment, so a little less zip in my step.
Tumor marker dropped yet again to 123, this is where it was at about six years ago (on my first line of treatment). It's pretty darn amazing.

And, just to make life interesting I sprained my right wrist a week and a half ago. Doing everything left-handed (and without a trapezius muscle) is quite challenging.

Traded my Stand Up Paddle Board for a Pedal Boat, good trade. We have taken it out and really like it, works much better with an oxygen tank. And since I sprained my wrist, no canoeing for a while.
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